November 26, 2008

Ultimate Internet Conspiracy

When i decided to write this post i was hoping to research and discover the ultimate internet and PC conspiracy, but i have to say I really didn't yet found what it's all about (if there is any conspiracy at all ;) i may later in time update the post... Anyhow i will post some findings that may lead us into the wright way much closer to the truth, a way in which i will express some different perspective on the syncs, without any intent to input to you this views.
As soon as computers and internet become available to a large number of population, with Microsoft creation of Windows software XP (Chi Ro), and Apple Mac (snake of Eden) something was suspicious about them... Internet represented a new era of connecting people, a big dimensional leap in evolvement in consciousness of all human kind, but what was the price we payed for that.
Beside the well known theory of www = 666 (in Hebrew, it is number of the beast)... there are seemingly performed some alchemical rituals in most popular internet Myspace, YouTube etc...

Most people nowdays are using to connect an internet - ADSL which surely is resonating LSD and Orange sunshine ....So in some way we all are on that substance and we use the computers Operating System ! OZ.

This orange color could be leading to the opening of global second orange chakra...or... sun is orange at down and sunset.. but in this magickal realm it resonates with dawn thus with the Crowley's occult Hermetic Order of Golden Dawn.

Orange RSS feed is 1/4 of sun symbol ...
Orange Blogger symbol.... and Firefox

Image Image

It'S a G.. G for the Gold Gate.

YouTube subscribe button is orange ..

Amazon orange arrow pointing to OZ...

and there are many, many more sites, apps....on the net with masonic symbols...

The Internet is now according to this site 25 years old in 2012 will be 29 -->11

Lately the Widescreen monitors had become very popular and are said to in future totally suppress standard 4:3 monitors,
4:3 ratio to 16:9 and again both adds up to 7 = 77 - AL, but 7 may could point to opening of crown chakra, or the 7th seal...
Or does this wideness point to more material ego earthly focused dimension of consciousness expl. as you can find in the Orthodox Christian Churches there are a lot of icons of saints etc. and they are almost all in the portrait form.. more vertical towards the heavens... differently then monitor wide screeen which is now more horizontal thus limiting human ascension.
Also you then have people in acknowledging way moving their head up and down , but with widescreen head goes no no .... Maybe Greeks only may dissagree with this because in their country left/right means Yes -- up/down means No.

The widescreen revolution is now backed by YouTube widescreen new looks...
and it gives the most videos now the two pillars look(masonic)

Couple days ago before this change this syncnificantly colored BWR site had organized one global mega ritual.."YouTube live" /evil.... sponsored by Lionsgate...
i will not try elaborate much on this , cos i only watched it about 15 minutes, but in this period i saw many weird stuff...most strange was cartoon episode somehow very popular youtube video - Charlie The Unicorn.

Where it could be pointing-- the Unicorn-opening third eye.., in there was opening of pink stargate ..may as well resonate with Galactic Centre.. and then Rickrollingal Rick Astley like some galactic serpent lizard coming out... and this unicorns in one scene could be seen on masonic checkerboard.
Charlie... could it be Charlie Manson sync :)

Another perspective on this that was with this oppening a stargate through Lions gate.. which then is transformed into two pillars in video box, as we are are being sucked in through it..
Aker Sef and Duau of Aker

Youtube has been lately removing a lots of videos, most copyrighted musical ones... its one step in new order of mind control -- fight against internet censorship!!

MySpace was always weird place..where you have the strangely anoying Rants banner in the profile leading to this pic where appers to be phoenix rising above Twin Towers..

Image ... =233114526

and look at the girl in top friends named "rachel".. checker board simbol behind her.
This two guys may think that this conspiracies are funny but i think that things could be much more sinister than that. ... d=15887597

His name Tom, is probably something about invoking the Gospel of Thomas.
From this source " Didymus (Greek) and Thomas (Hebrew) both mean twin, mirroring, so we have 9/11 twin towers analogy, and mirror Alice gateway into a new dimension.

And dna rainbow serpent looking google stargate, In the Gmail service recently were introduced weird funny square cuboid smileys.... (of course G the masonic symbol)

At the end of post i am revealing the true antichrist who is born on
6 February 1966


Jenn said...

Ah, you are so smart and just continue to amaze me with all that you realize! Thank you for starting this post and i am looking forward to learning more that you find. How interesting that a lot of sync surfers are just slightly older than the internet :D

D7 said...

That's interesting point Jenn!
You know in the past years i had a lots of different and crazy theories and findings on this subject, just didnt write it down to remember.. i hope they come back to me soon.
peace :)