September 23, 2008

Red-Baseball -Tom Cruise - C.Manson

In this article i will try to find and prove synchromysticaly.. the connections of Manson, Baseball , TC and other resonating forces that may be connected or invoked the 9/11 mega ritual and other violent events that shook the world..( that's shook not shock.) leading to 2012 and even the coming of antichrist.

Charles Manson was born in the Cincinnnati Nov 12.1934 -- Cincinnati was place where baseball Red Stockings were found.. later they moved to Boston, The Cincinnati Red Stockings of 1869 were baseball's first openly all-professional team. The Cincinnati BaseBall Club formed in 1866 (this number is synching with my resonating friend from Hidden Dakini blog and her Springfield home of the Route 66).. And the year 1869.. is the 100 years later of the year of Charles Manson murders. It seems that i forgot to point out earlier that olympic games had BEGAN on August 8 when BEGAN the TATE MURDERS-MASSACRE 39 years ago!

On the night of August 8, Manson directed Watson to take Atkins, Linda Kasabian, and Patricia Krenwinkel — one of the hitchhikers allegedly picked up by Dennis Wilson— to "that house where Melcher used to live" and "totally destroy everyone in , as gruesome as you can."He told the girls to do as Watson would instruct them. When the four arrived at the entrance to the Cielo Drive property, Watson, who'd been to the house on Manson's orders,climbed a telephone pole near the gate and cut the phone line. It was now around midnight and into August 9, 1969..... etc...

39 years later in Beijing on first day of the olympics..
Todd Bachman, his wife Barbara, and their Chinese guide -- were attacked and stabbed at the historic Beijing Drum Tower on 9 Aug, 2008 at 12:20 pm Beijing time. Todd Bachman died of his injuries. He was from Minnesota.

Pittsfield, Massachusetts In 2004, historian John Thorn discovered a reference to a 1791 by-law prohibiting anyone from playing "baseball" within 80 yards (73 m) of the new meeting house in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. A librarian found the actual by-law in the Berkshire Athenaeum library, and its age was verified by researchers at the Williamstown Art Conservation Center. If authentic and if actually referring to a recognizable version of the modern game, the 1791 document, would be, as of 2004, the earliest known reference to the game in America.

Next synch leads us to Atlanta Braves who originated from Boston Red Stockings/Boston Braves, and as i understand it there are now 3 clubs Boston Red Sox ,Cinccinati Reds, Atlanta Braves born from one source (probably 'red stockings' derives from Christmas red stockings ornaments santa/amanita... ?!) And baseball is masonic game LINK

Now, Brave fans have that Tomahawk Chop war chant connecting them to Missouri

Fans do the "Tomahawk Chop" at a Braves Game

The tradition followed Atlanta Braves baseball player, and former Seminoles football and baseball player, Deion Sanders to Atlanta where it was adopted and renamed the "tomahawk chop." Next, the NFL football team, the Kansas City Chiefs adopted it after hearing the Northwest Missouri State marching band perform the war chant while the Chiefs players were warming up for a game against the San Diego Chargers, (..wich have the lightning logo)

San Diego Chargers helmet

The melody is from the opening notes of the Dvorak "New World Symphony".

During the Braves' rise to prominence in the early 1990s, their long-standing ethnic nickname came under much closer scrutiny, even being protested in MinneapolisTwins for Game 1 of the 1991 World Series. The team was especially criticized for selling plastic and foam tomahawks, encouraging the so-called tomahawk chop and the accompanying war cry emitted by the fans. The war cry and tomahawk chop are similar, if not identical, to what Florida State University fans do at their games. when the Braves visited the

This final series between Braves and Twins was the first time i watched baseball final series.. (of not many) on the tv of course, another thing ..Deion Sanders finished his baseball career in Mansons Cincinnati Reds, and was born on August 9. day of the Tate murders ) and Drum tower murder in Bejing.

Now the Kansas City Royals (are the blue team/pill) from Missouri, have the same name as Royal Rooters (of Boston Red Socks known for the Tessie song) , and they entered MLS in 1969
Entering Major League Baseball as an expansion franchise in 1969, the club was founded by Ewing Kauffman, a Kansas City businessman. The Royals began play in 1969 in Kansas City, Missouri. In their inaugural game, on April 8, 1969, the Royals defeated the Minnesota Twins 4-3 in 12 innings.

Again it all revolves around Manson. Manson family commited these murders in 1969 and then massacre - war chants .... Massachusetts / Massacre
FSU is also the home of the Marching Chiefs, the FSU marching band.
The Marching Chiefs are the band behind the famous "War Chant." The War Chant is derived from "Massacre" which was first played during the 1960s. Chiefs still play "Massacre" during pregame to honor the start of the War Chant.

and so, on April 8, this events had happened
-2006 Shedden massacre: The bodies of eight men, all shot to death, are found in a field in Ontario,
-1864 "Mansons" battle in which was mentioned some Red river...

-1975 - Frank Robinson manages the Cleveland Indians* in his first game as major league baseball's first African American manager. He was born on August 31 that day
1997 - Diana, Princess of Wales and her companion Dodi Al-Fayed and driver Henri Paul died as a result of a car crash in Paris.

-2008 -The construction of the world's first building to integrate wind turbines completes, in Bahrain. -The Bahrain World Trade Center

- 1990 debut episode of Twin Peaks by David Lynch


1904 - British mystic Aleister Crowley transcribes the first chapter of the Book of the Law.

So we have The Beast, 66, 69, CManson,Boston, Massacre , Missouri, Kanzas/OZ, death row, death, Florida, baseball, tomahawk, War Chants, Chargers , indians, beheading, Red river, Reds...San Diego, Top Gun
So there is a big and slow black magic ritual that may be connected to Twin Towers 9/11 Chopping by Maverick , and Minnesota bridge chopping... and other war invokings through "magick"

Likewise there are Georgia Russia/ Georgia / George W.B. - Atlanta Braves->
leads to a song from Georgia Satellites the Hippy Hippy Shake , from the movie with Tom Cruise - Cocktail / Tom shooked the HH - Twin Towers

About TV shows and baseball I remembered there was in 1991 the TV series Homefront... it has army, basseball...-* Cleveland Indians - Ohio
Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate the Positive the opening theme song.
from wiki..
A home front is the civilian populace of the nation at war as an active support system of its military.

The Ohioans Cinncinati Reds have Great American Ball Park that has been opened by G.H.W.Bush and later 2006 GWBush pitched first throw.. it has this Pepsi Power Stacks ....pillars stargate...resonating Crowley. = AC

Of course Crowley here syncs with Bush through theirs descendent relation theory.

And Cincinnati Bengals were established in Mansons time of 1968... their name from Bangladesh region tiger, which is rulled by Buddhist Pala_Empire.

Homefronts baseball actor Kyle Chandler was in TV series What About Joan , (i dont recall watching this) you can see there in the first sequence something resembling that OKAMA/ OZ game sphere ?!, also checkerboard floor later, it aired in 2001 he is starring together with Joan Mary Cusack sister of John Cusack that was mentioned before as Jesus Christ resonator, he was born on June 28.1966

Things that happened on June 28.:

The date is very big in Serbian history, the Kosovo myth of Vidovdan is shaping events even today..
1389 - Ottomans defeat Serbian army in the bloody Battle of Kosovo, opening the way for the Ottoman conquest of Southeastern Europe (see Vidovdan).

also on June 28... 1914 - Franz Ferdinand, Archduke of Austria and his wife Sophie are assassinated in Sarajevo by young Serbian nationalist Gavrilo Princip , the casus belli of World War I.

1997 - Mike Tyson vs Evander Holyfield II - Tyson is disqualified in the 3rd round for biting a piece from Holyfield's ear.

2005 - A final design for Manhattan's Freedom Tower is formally unveiled.

John Cusack was in the very mysticaly cool ending ;-). There is number 5, high 5 on the poster... maybe connected to the SAW V i think somehow there is mind puzzle fitting is similar to the Saw, and bang of two fives will be on Halloween of 2008

J.Cusack will star in the 2012 movie!

Now You should see that Manson practically invented synchromysticism, read this.. :)

For some time, too, Manson had been saying that racial tension between blacks and whites was growing and that blacks would soon rise up in rebellion in America's cities.He had emphasized Martin Luther King, Jr.'s assassination, which had taken place on April 4, 1968.On a bitterly cold New Year's Eve at Myers Ranch, the Family members, gathered outside around a large fire, listened as Manson explained that the social turmoil he had been predicting had also been predicted by The Beatles.The White Album songs, he declared, told it all, although in code. In fact, he maintained (or would soon maintain), the album was directed at the Family itself, an elect group that was being instructed to preserve the worthy from the impending disaster.

But, things may be much more sinister than that and they are now thus becoming much clearer thanks to the Tom Cruise (who has the initials TC=Trade Center) 2k
His current wife Katie Holmes was born in Toledo, Ohio. Toledo is known as Glass city.

The 3 finger picture from Hidden Dakkini blog (she was born on the same date as T.C)...lead me to the Tom Cruise as messiah Christ -This is the picture , in this Steve Willner video..Bloodlines, Mars, Tom Cruise, Star Wars, and the Black Pope , that same picture is both at 3:11 and 9:11 .. ? Isn't that synchromysticaly synchromistic!

Tom's head was placed in the picture of Jesus from chatolic feast - Sacred_Heart of Jesus

The Maverick TC through Scientology is connected to Ron Hubbard ... A.Crowley, Parsons , Manson.. Last two were in Mojave desert OTO branch..
Scientology itself had early connections with Crowley's O.T.O., in the form of L. Ron Hubbard's association with Jack Parsons...

The Rosmary's Baby movie is connected to C.Manson/ Alistair, .. in this video you have reference to this:
Oblivion Gate, Macabre Alice, and the Great Beast 666

Influences of Aleister Crowley are found in Scientology "technology," or teaching materials - including L Ron Hubbard's own admission that he was the "anti-Christ." Aleister Crowley died in 1947. But in 1969, the same year that Scientology donned the crosses and minister's garb, was the same time that the "Thoth Tarot Card Deck" was published and sold, (a product produced years before, by Aleister Crowley with artist Lady Frieda Harris, (deceased in 1962.) This was the same year that L Ron Hubbard directed members to bring in the crossed out cross and wear minister's clothing.

Now, the goal of Crowley and more notably Jack Parsons self proclaimed Antichrist (who had a house on the Orange Street ) was the Babalon Working thus producing the Moonchild .

To produce the Moonchild they need the red haired girl. Synchromysticly, there is my blogs name VY Canis Majoris that evokes to Marjorie Cameron ?! And Charles Mansons avatar .. was red haired too ?! I didn't deeply study Crowley's work so i don't have clear picture of what Moonchild exactly is.
The J.Kotze blog says the one, as he is related to A.Crowley through his mother, and picture of Cinncinati REDs stadium points to this connection.

Parsons set out to find another partner, his so called "scarlet woman", a magical partner with whom he could sire a "Moonchild." The Moonchild is traditionally the incarnation of a god, as prophesied in Aleister Crowley's channeled script The Book of the Law. The creation of this Moonchild was covered in Aleister Crowley's novel, Moonchild.

When rocket propulsion researcher and occultist Jack Parsons met Marjorie Cameron, he regarded her as the fulfillment of magical rituals he had been performing as the beginning of the Babalon Working, roughly, an attempt to incarnate in a physical body a divine entity, a living Goddess, that would bring about great change for the Aeon of Horus and change the course of history. Parsons wrote of Cameron in a letter to his mentor Aleister Crowley in 1946

"The feeling of tension and unease continued for four days. Then on January 18 [1946] at sunset, whilst the Scribe and I were on the Mojave Desert, the feeling of tension suddenly stopped. I turned to him and said 'it is done', in absolute certainty that the Operation was accomplished. I returned home, and found a young woman [Marjorie Cameron] answering the requirements waiting for me. She is describable as an air of fire type with bronze red hair, fiery and subtle, determined and obstinate, sincere and perverse, with extraordinary personality, talent and intelligence. During the period of January 19 to February 27 I invoked the Goddess Babalon [a particular aspect of the Egyptian goddess Nuit] with the aid of magical partner (Ron Hubbard), as was proper to one of my grade."

They termed this incarnation the Moonchild. Writes Aleister Crowley on the subject:

"The Aeon of Horus is of the nature of a child. To perceive this, we must conceive of the nature of a child without the veil of sentimentality - beyond good and evil, perfectly gentle, perfectly ruthless, containing all possibilities within the limits of heredity, and highly susceptible to training and environment. But the nature of Horus is also the nature of force - blind, terrible, unlimited force."

The Babalon Working was allegedly successful.

[The angel] carried my spirit away to the desert. I saw the Scarlet Woman sitting on the Beast with seven heads and ten horns, covered with blaspemous names. The woaman was clothed in purple and scarlet, and gilded with gold and precious stones and pearls, with a colden cup in her hand filled with the abominations and the unclean things of her fornication. On her forehead a name had been written, a mystery: Babalon the Great, the mother of harlots and of the abominations of the Earth. I saw the woman was drunk from the blood of the Saints, and from the blood of the martyrs of Jesus. Seeing her, I wondered greatly."

—Revelation 17: 3-6

This is the title of Peter Moon book which i didn't read yet, it reminded me to sync forum.


Synchronicity and the Seventh Seal is a true life adventure where the crossroads of parallel universes meet to reveal the core formula of reality. Told against the backdrop of King Solomon's underground catacombs, this book explores the pathway to the Unified Field through the principle of synchronicity. In 1990, when Peter Moon encountered Preston Nichols and opened the door to the public investigation of the Montauk Project, he began to experience odd synchronicities that were far beyond the range of what could be considered ordinary coincidences. In the midst of writing and editing books, Peter found that these synchronicities accelerated at a far greater rate than he could easily chronicle and put into book form. Only now, after a dozen years is he beginning to catch up and publish the first installment which is entitled SYNCHRONICITY AND THE SEVENTH SEAL, Peter's first solo authored book since THE BLACK SUN in 1997. This new book begins with a historical and scientific look at synchronicity before leading into a recapitulation and new perspective on the many synchronicities that are now part of the Montauk legend. After revealing the paranormal prelude that led him to the Montauk Project, which includes the origins of the Remote Viewing phenomena, Peter gives a riveting account of and a totally new perspective to the Babalon Working which was revealed to him as a result of his adventures with Marjorie Cameron, the wife of Jack Parsons who was the vehicle used to precipitate the return of the Goddess. SYNCHRONICITY AND THE SEVENTH SEAL reveals new mysteries about the Babalon Working and how his study of it led to further synchronicity, including a unique penetration of the work of John Dee and Edward Talbot Kelly, two magicians who inspired the Babalon Working and also dictated the future course of Western Civilization under the sponsorship of Queen Elizabeth I. Ultimately, this path of synchronicity leads to the revelation of the Seventh Seal itself. It is not what you think, but you will not be disappointed, and you will learn the greatest secret by which the multitudes have been duped since the beginning of the Christian Era.

Charles Manson mother's last name was Maddox which is Welsh name which could be associated with MaDog , its derived from this prince who Welsh legends claimed to has firstly discovered America
Story goes that some Indian tribes descended from Madoc's people...

A later development in the legend claimed the settlers were absorbed by groups of Native Americans and their descendants remained somewhere on the American frontier for hundreds of years. The first to report an encounter with a Welsh-speaking Indian was the Reverend Morgan Jones, who was captured in 1669 by a tribe of Tuscaroras called the Doeg. The chief spared his life, however, when he heard Jones speak Welsh, a tongue he understood. Jones lived with the Doeg for several months preaching the Gospel in Welsh and then returned to the British Colonies where he recorded his adventure in 1686...
The Welsh Indian legend was revived in the 1840s and 1850s; this time the Zunis, Hopis and/or Navajo were claimed to be of Welsh descent, by George Ruxton (Hopis, 1846), Abbé Emmanuel Domenach (Zunis, 1860), and P.G.S. Ten Broeck (Zunis, 1854), among others. [1] Brigham Young became interested in the supposed Hopi-Welsh connection: in 1858 Young sent a Welshman with Jacob Hamblin to the Hopi mesas to check for Welsh-speakers there. None were found, but in 1863 Hamblin brought three Hopi men to Salt Lake City, where they were "besieged by Welshmen wanting them to utter Celtic words," to no avail.

And who else have the Welsh blood in the family - the Scientologist Tom Cruise
Cruise was born in Syracuse, New York, the son of Mary Lee (née Pfeiffer), a special education teacher, and Thomas Cruise Mapother III, an electrical engineer. Cruise has German and Colonial English ancestry from his paternal great-grandparents, William Reibert and Charlotte Louise Voelker; and purportedly Welsh ancestry from his paternal great-great-grandfather, Dylan Henry Mapother, who emigrated from Flint, Wales to Louisville, Kentucky in 1850.

And of course the Welsh is the non other then new Antichrist Prince_William_of_Wales

or maybe his father is the antichrist ..

Disclaimer: the conclusion about William firstly belong to someone else.. . cant remember who, also many of the other conspiracy theories and synchs theories that i have written in all the blog probably come from someone else, but my mind will not spend time thinking from whom did came what, everyone needs the thruth and all information is should be free...
So therefore i claim the top spot on esoteric and synchromysticis, as i am on the largest star.. I am the biggest star :) I am to large to be put down and will not bow down to anyone, i am the only one who knows and sees everything and everyone else is nothing compared to my largeness. :)

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