September 9, 2008

911 LG Chuck Arnold

The Matrix is real ! NEO /ONE ! passport expires on 9/11!

He also was born on synchromistical date 3/11
Some personal information can be seen on Thomas Anderson's "criminal record" that Agent Smith glances at when he interrogates Neo: The last update to the file was July 22, 1998 Neo's date of birth is "March 11, 1962" Neo's place of birth is "Lower Downtown, Capitol City" Neo's mother's maiden name is "Michelle McCahey" Neo's father's name is "John Anderson" Neo attended "Central West Junior High" and "Owen Paterson High" (named after the film's production designer). Seconds later a photocopy of his passport can be seen. There the place of his birth is CAPITAL CITY USA, his date of birth is the 13th of September 1971, the passport was issued on the 12th of September 1991 and will expire on the 11th of September 2001.

March 11(Birth of Neo) 3/11
# 2003 - The International Criminal Court holds its inaugural session in The Hague.
# 2004 - Madrid Train Bombings: Simultaneous explosions on rush hour trains in Madrid (Spain) kill 192 people. :!:

September 13
1999 - Bomb explodes in Moscow, Russia. At least 119 people are killed. :!:

September 12
# 1994 - Frank Eugene Corder crashes a Cessna 150 into the White House's south lawn, striking the West wing and killing himself.
# 1995 - Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's All Star Team beats the Harlem Globetrotters 91-85, ending the Globetrotters' 24-year, 8,829-game winning streak.
# 2001 - Article V of the NATO agreement is invoked for only the second time (the other being in Bosnia) in response to the September 11, 2001 attacks against the United States of America.

July 22
Solar eclipse of July 22, 2009

9/11 .... LG

Liam Gallagher predicts 9/11

LG Electronics (KRXS: 066570, LSE: LGLD) is a South Korean multinational corporation. It is South Korea's second largest electronics maker and the world's third largest appliance maker.

With headquarters in the LG Twin Towers on Yeouido, Seoul, LG Electronics is the flagship company of LG Group, one of the largest chaebols.

The company was originally established in 1958 as GoldStar, producing radios, TVs, refrigerators,washing machines, and air conditioners.

The LG Group was a merger of two Korean companies, Lucky and GoldStar, from which the abbreviation of LG was derived.

G - masonic and eye

GodLike / LG / Liam Galagher / Gold Star/ Twin towers/ Phoenix /Phi ( Φ, φ or ϕ) / golden ratio...

LG Twin Towers in Seoul (S.Korea)

LG Twin towers in Beijing


It's one of my missions, I have to drop in on you every now and again.
Yeah, I thought I'd pay you respect and that before they blow you up and that, yeah.
I don't think ya got anything happenin' for ya and..........'ll sort ya out, innit?
I love it, yeah.
I just eat burgers, man and look at the skyline. And especiialy like that thing over there - L.G. Liam Gallagher. Yeah. I Love it.
I made that myself.

ps . I have the Gold Star TV at home! (also cd/rw LG) On that same tv I was watching live coverage of 9/11.

About Gold Star Studios
i emphasised some of letters of interests here:
In the mid-1950s, aspiring pop star and future recording legend Phil Spector began hanging out at local studios, including Gold Star, hoping to learn about recording. He eventually won the confidence of Gold Star's house producer-engineer Stan Ross, who took Spector under his wing and taught him the basics of record production.

In the early 1960s, Spector used Gold Star as the recording venue for most of his famous "Wall of Sound" recordings. It was also the venue for many important recordings by The Beach Boys, including portions of their 1966 LP Pet Sounds, the international #1 hit "Good Vibrations", and recordings for the aborted Smile project.

The studio was the venue for hundreds chart-topping recordings by scores of leading pop and rock artists including Ritchie Valens, Eddie Cochrane, The Chipmunks, The Cascades, "Route 66" composer Bobby Troupe, Phil Spector, Brian Wilson, Sonny & Cher, The Rose Garden, Buffalo Springfield, Duane Eddy, Jimi Hendrix, Neil Young, The Ronettes, Dick Dale, The Righteous Brothers, Iron Butterfly, Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass, Jan and Dean, Joan Jett, Cheri Currie, Meat Loaf, The Champs, The Baha Marimba Band, Bobby Darin, The Cake, The Who, The Monkees, Tommy Boyce, The Band, The Go-Go’s, The Ramones, The Association, Art Garfunkel, Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, Ty Wagner, John Lennon and Maurice Gibb.

After connecting LG , with Towelie from South park...

and cimi/Hidden Dakini writing about fives: V=5 and greetings High - High Five

A high five is a celebratory gesture made by two people, each raising one hand to slap the raised hand of the other — usually meant to communicate mutual satisfaction to spectators or to extend congratulations from one person to another. The arms are usually extended into the air to form the "high" part, and the five fingers of each hand meet, making the "five", thus the name.

Several variations on the standard high five exist in order to add uniqueness to the experience and to maximize satisfaction. One such variation is the "flipside", also called the "windmill"; this method begins like a regular high five, however upon meeting up top, both high-fivers continue to swing their arms downwards until they meet again in a "low five". This method is depicted in the feature film Top Gun

Airforce did it... :arrow:


ORIGINS of High 5
Like many elements of popular culture the origin of the high five is not definitively known.

In the movie Cover Girl (1944), Phil Silvers's character, Genius, tears up a telegram and attempts to "high five" co-star Gene Kelly.

Poet and playwright Daniel Kamenetz may have spoken in reference to the high five gesture when he mentioned "a salutation of slapping palms" in his 1850 play Among Combatants but he did not coin the term "high five".

On an episode of The Phil Silvers Show that aired Nov. 3, 1966, Dean Martin gives Louis Armstrong the High five after singing together.

Retired professional boxer Jack McCullough was the first to use it as a celebratory gesture in sports[citation needed]. Home movies show that he was using the high five this way in 1976 with his CYO basketball team in Burlington Massachusetts.


I will now continue synchs from this post connecting it to Top Gun...and 9/11
That's it for me. The icing on the cake. The Matrix is real. Born into slavery from 9/11.

#Val Kilmer as Lt. Tom 'Iceman'Kazansky
and other actors that my hunch says that are connecting...

# Tim Robbins as Lt. (j.g.) Sam 'Merlin' Wells
# Rick Rossovich as Lt. (j.g.) Ron 'Slider' Kerner
# Clarence Gilyard Jr. as 'Sundown'

Now probably somebody else synched this before... maybe Jake Koetze... and also some other synchs i often while writing get that feeling of deja vu... But i will try to do it anyway... also taking in mind that i was never much intersted in 9/11 in a way :givesafuck:

- Val Kilmer -'Iceman' of course first movies of his movies on my mind are The Doors and Batman Forever, and there is [url=Red_Planet_][/url] from 2000... these days Ice on Mars has been found.

Tim Robinss -Merlin.. on year 2001 plays in the movie... the poster resembles twin(ses) towers and in middle is Obama like figure from McCains election ad seen in Jon Stewart show putting him between Paris/Britney. ... oId=178207

Rick Rossovich - 'Slider'...

He played in one film that was filmed in Serbia...
Secret Ingredient
Together with 7th Heaven's Catherine Hicks which i mentioned in other topic, she was in the Running Against Time movie
History professor David Rhodes never has got over the death of his older brother, 1966 in Vietnam. When he hears the rumor that a famous professor is working on a time machine, he immediately contacts him and persuades him to allow him to travel back in time and correct history. If he could save President Kennedy's life, Vietnam war might never have happened!

She was together with Robert Hays Who was known by Airplane!!
For release in Australia, Japan and the Philippines, Airplane! was known as Flying High.
When the flight crew and numerous passengers aboard a commercial jet succumb to food poisoning, it falls to Ted Striker (Robert Hays), a traumatized ex-fighter pilot, to conquer his fear of flying and land the plane quickly and in poor weather, while air traffic controllers led by Steve McCrosky (Lloyd Bridges) and Rex Kramer (Robert Stack) talk him down.

Rick Rossowich/Arnold Schwartzeneger
The Terminator (as Matt) (1984)
Now if you put your mind in that state of reading between the lines like that LG, you can see him describing 9/11 ritual...(childrens warnning, sexual content here! :naughty: ) Jeans pull down representing Twin Towers, and panties / Pentagon...
who are you? God. Sarah... Jesus. / GodLike

Clarence Gilyard Jr. as 'Sundown'

Played in Die Hard... (the first google pic search!)

Left Behind II: Tribulation_Force


He was known by staring in Walker Texas Ranger with
Chuck Noriss

Eyes of a Ranger... /NY Rangers

rangers GOLD STAR / LG

And here we see him not knowing left from the right...
:fight: Chuck here unknowingly addmited that he was driving one plane on 9/11 . So... from now on there is a joke.. Chuck Norris can crash a plane into a buiding and resurrect him self.

but better likely he was keeping an eye on W.DC :roll:
Mystery 9/11 aircraft was military 'doomsday plane'

OK, nowChuck is always in the jokes presented like the God /GodLike/ LG so its an obvious synch. This jokes are not there by accident.. C.N. is the THE.


On November 29, 2007, Gotham Books, the adult division of Penguin USA, released a book entitled, The Truth About Chuck Norris: 400 facts about the World's Greatest Human
also see his Filmography which is full of mistic synchs movie titles.

Now the origin of the jokes...
In 2004, Late Night with Conan O'Brien began a recurring sketch in which O'Brien would pull a Walker, Texas Ranger Lever next to his desk, which would cause a brief, out-of-context clip from Walker: Texas Ranger to play

(btw. when i found that pic yesterday there was moon eclipse here in Belgrade)

Conan O'Brien / Conan the Barbarian / Arnold Schwarceneger/

So Chuck synchs with Chucky/ Charles Manson / McCain...

Full name Charles Milles Maddox Manson (MMM) will be ineledgable for the parole until 2012

cimi from Hidden Dakini blog mentioned before state prison in the Springfield which has Timothy McVeigh in itand mentioned Iraq prison camps. Than the Neo birthday is March_11 when was opening of the Hague prison/court of injustice, masonic hand always histerically wanting the arrest of Mladic and Karadzic, they have now Karadzic K=C .. they want now MladiC so they could make the MK/MC prison global Mind Control matrix, and oppening the stargate, now is up to the free world to stop their mega ritual. ;-)
Also maybe there is some lattitude line on the planet...symbolysing something.. a constellation..has anybody research on that...

She was speaking about SmoKing Mirror
I cannot help thinking about Tezcatlipoca, "Smoking Mirror"... a god of the Dark Night who often manifests as a bird.... something like a turkey or King Vulture. And his face is most often depicted as Black/Yellow stripes... quite similar to the King Penguin! (Haha, weren't we just talking about queens? Now we're on to Kings! BTW, Bernie Mac was one of the "Original Kings of Comedy!")

It reminded me on the Smoky God

The Smoky God, or A Voyage Journey to the Inner Earth is a novel of 1908 by Willis George Emerson (1856..1918), which is presented as a true account of the Norwegian sailor Olaf Jansen and explains how Jansen's sloop sailed through an entrance to the Earth's interior at the North Pole. It is notable as an early story about an underground civilization.

Recent bizarre news about Norwegian Penguin Knight / Batman is obvious connection... is possible that Black Sun is resonated by Obama. ...novel


His Highness - Schwarze Sonne

This is pic from S.P. I posted before in another topic....CM/R/7
This picture from the same episode, an Orange Sun symbol and words Block sun synching to the Black Sun and number 200 and "fallen" down letter l , it may be synch to year 2001- 9/11 , and also there are some b&w syncs (cops)


also now in this cimi picture there is also Black Sun

This logo reminded me of one old software and its site i was using 5 years ago, the Blaxxun contact,
Its a virtual reality community program that uses VRMLenguage, which offered 3D chat using Blaxxun Software , The site is Chosen by YAHOO! as coolest chat site for 2001

Cybertowns enterance ...Giza / Dark knight ?

lets browse that cyber land and find some more synchs... :thumbs:


When i saw the Lady justice on the seal of NY state

i was reminded to a Metallica album ...

...And Justice For All September 6, 1988

They had in there a very popular song - ONE / Neo

it uses clips from movie Johnny got his gun V / T.T ?

About the NY state seal, is anyone agreeing with that Paris and Britney are symbolising the two godesses of the Seal of NY or even twin towers.....
And the eagle resonates Arnold Shwarceneger /Black Sun...

Golden sun the Golden Brown video
by Stranglers.. may have something to do with beheading of Brown/Obama !

There are ships in the see like in the NY state logo , and pyramids of giza /pyramid mountain.
The 4 of band members ..4 is for horseman of apocalypse... or for the 4 beasts of the Revelation.... or 4 witches lands of Oz...?!
The one seal is broken.

On other threads there were mentioned Squirrels and Beavers... what are those on the seal of NY City ....?


Lightning also evokes through metal connection
AC/DC Thunderstruck..

Is there a synch somewhere..i am not sure...
Texas is mentioned in the Lyrics..../ Texas Ranger - Chuck Norris

Through Olympics synch of 8 i noticed this news, it's about the massive 8ft White Tailed Fish Eagle fetching the tennis balls.. ... fetch.html

It happens in Dartmoor, England, which is known byThe Dartmoor Beast

George is the name of the owner...

In 2:01-2 of the video Eagle bites the hand of his owner! :shock:

The Dartmoor Beast takes its name from the various big cat ( Lion) sightings that have been a recurring feature of local folklore in the Dartmoor...

As we now the name 'Arnold' means 'eagle rules'... and he is the Beast.

And i might take a wild guess that the video was filmed on the July 30. Arnold's Schwar... bday?! :mrgreen:


Read the
ETEMENANKI site by Goro Adachi for more information on Arnold the antichrist theme.

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