January 9, 2009

Red Baseball II

Yesterday on 1.9.2009 when i get to read Yahoo news I noticed one weird story and picture too, and since i was writing before about baseball and Red stockings... I have decided to continue to fallow this red baseball cosmic mistery/conspiracy, also related to Cincinnati ( birth place of C.Manson who is ineligible for parole until 2012.)
And i updated the Red Sox findings on 1.11.2009. with very interesting cosmic fortune synchronicities.

Woman finds 139-year-old baseball card in box of antiques

Tiny treasure

The strange story goes like this: Last summer, Bernice Gallego pulled an old baseball card from a box of antiques. She figured it might be worth something to someone, so she listed it on eBay.

The starting bid was $10.

But after getting a flurry of inquiries about whether the card was authentic or not, Gallego started to suspect she was holding something a little more valuable and immediately ended the auction.

Turns out her hunch was correct. She did have something more valuable. The card she found was made in 1869 and featured the "Red Stocking B.B. Club of Cincinnati," the sport's first professional team. It's considered one of the first baseball cards ever produced and its actual value could be worth more than $100,000 when she puts it back on eBay (with a higher starting price, of course).

Of course, the news that she had found a rare piece of early baseball history came as a shock to the 72-year-old Fresno, Calif., resident who said she's never been to a baseball game.

"If it fell off the wall, the cat would have ate it," Gallego says. "Well, or the dog."
Cats and dogs are reacurring lately in the synchrosphere.

It's what Bernice, 72, and her husband, Al Gallego, 80, have been doing since 1974 at Collectique, their Tower District antique store full of old jukeboxes, slot machines and records.
Al synchs with Aliester Crowley.. (also known as Al, (Liber AL ves Legis)) .
Well, you know, i oftenly am noticing a lots of things that have Al.. resonance, though I am not sure that all of them connects to the Al , anyhow on my mind now is the LA = AL , cos around here is lots talking about Babylonian Hollywood , and ALso - ALaska and Whore of Babylon - Sarah Pallin.

Back to the Red Stockings and lets take closer look of their picture card from 1869


You can see the two players holding bats are resonating the two pillarmids, and middle one with something on the ground (maybe base, or a cap) is pointing to the likes of some unveiled goddess ... near bats/pillars that have fallen down.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harry_Wright the middle man, assembled, managed, and played center field for the team - had his striking number of 222, and 111
Career statistics
AVG .272
Hits 222
RBI 111

The word wright is an archaic English term for a craftsman or builder...

The other pillar batsman had also 111 RBI-s (don't know much about baseball but i guess its some unusual coincidence!)


Batting average .258
Hits 248
Runs batted in 111

Charlie Gould - the man on the right, name could be pointing to the Galactic Center , he is the only player having the "crossed" legs on the picture.

Runs batted in 39

The old lady found an 139 old card, that connects to Manson group Murders which were exactly 39 years before the opening ceremony of Olympic games in Beijing on August 8/8/8 which marked opening starg8 and began with tower murder on 9th resonating Manson's group murders on 8-9th August 1969. after midnight.
The two Charlies (batsmen from the picture) are connected to Charles Manson
They dont say which date old lady had found the card, it says summer, well i bet it is 8 or 9 August. (So let somebody contact her to check for the date, notify me after,.. . you know..., i hope to cash in from her wealth, lol.) ===

I synched in my previous posts Manson /Cincinnati Reds, with A.Crowley towers / Bush/ and Red Dragon /Wales/ Prince the royal Antichrist.

http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/9/99/Great_American_Ballpark_2.jpg ---

Ooouh, and now when i am writing this I'm noticing that i have on myself a red Champion sweater, i remember i was wearing it about the time of writing the previous Red Dragon post, theirs logo reminds me a lot of Cincinnati RedStockings from picture below. weird personal synch. I persume CinCCinati is 2k/k2.

Now here is the RS pictures from 1869- we see the 9 round players and 11 figures,
Picture could seemingly resonate the Kabbalah tree of life, masonic tracing board,- staircase -, spiral, red/white symbolising Amanita Muscaria stargate, serpent dna, milky way.
Perhaps someone else could see something more in this pic, that of astrological symbolism..which i am failing to notice, but i clearly see here that the bat of Red player is pointing to bottom-right player who is C.Gould , also he is creating pyramid/triangle while standing in masonic pose.
And when you click to enlarge picture you will see yellow/gold star on the top lady's head...

I notice now The Blob have one of it's daily top picture of -one Zooey Deschanel -She & Him with almost the same Gold Star...and with white/red , synching this pictures could really represents her, i didnt read Jakes blog yet, i'll guess it's Isis or maybe... well, i will see this later.

The statistical numbers 111 of the players RBIs could connect synchromistically to this picture that i borrowed from Jake Kotze's blog of Galactic Mysteryes of Mithrism Ophiuchius and Galactic center. I dont know here if number 111 is the page of book number or something else.. but it's very likely that baseball card picture is pointing to GC.


http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51VB0F93NSL._SL500_AA240_.jpg ______ [Mushroominati.jpg]
This bluish picture is from Jacke Kotze's blog. Mushroom, Octagon, Star Gate where Freemasonic G Square and Compass are representative to diamond shaped baseball field -- and it is synching with two Charlies's bats positioning.

Weird sync just happened about Fresno the town of that old card lady from beggining of the post, It come to my attention at synchromysticismforum.com the date Oct 29. which triggered me to remember that i own one of sports shorts which is Baseball themed, on the shorts are painted two players Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig, during the last summer i remember when wearing it then some baseball syncs happened which made me to research the Red Socks, Lou Gehrig played for them. This shorts maybe worth millions someday on e-bay :) Now, on it says something about some game on 29. October, also there is exact hour and minute, if you are interested to know when the world will may be ending by the minute? :) ok. i guess, you are ... .
It says Saturday Oct. 29 3:00 PM
i now checked the calendar Saturday is year 2011 .

And then i saw writings of location Firemen's Baseball Park, Fresno ..and that old lady that sold rich the card is also from the Fresno, California...funny sync...!
and notice pillarmid obelisk building there in Fresno.
I found something about this event here
and here is one almost the same picture from my shorts.


Red Sox synchs continues further... this post maybe isn't corectlly titled- it should be Red Base Ball...or Space Balls. Red is base color- base chakra, ball connects to a Sex Magick - balls are eggs/testicles... but maybe then, there is other way in this game the bats =balls... not clear to me now... if the bats represent balls of gods, and a ball the egg cell in female, or male sperm.. Well my mind is not sure, but it is about the sex/sox.
I am not yet very well familiar with the astrological and crowleyan conspiracies...but its pointing to me to the rebirth of new Isis eon, through Sex Magick ritual when heaven and earth combining to produce a christ like child... or maybe some Scarlet Woman Babalon whore orgy through diamond g field of BaseBall...

To confirm this a stunning sync happened to me yesterday when i run on my TV showing a movie " Blessed " from 2004.
I didn't watch it from the start... but part when i started to watch it could connect to eggs... movie is very similar to Rosemary's Baby, with the only exception of that Heather Graham is to give birth to the twins. I noticed some BW checkerboard syncs
appears after the scene when she conceived with devil children cells.at home in and i notice lots of other stuff alike.
The story begins with the Howards, a young, married couple living in New York. Craig, an unpublished writer, and Samantha, a school teacher(Heather Graham and James Purefoy), are desperate to have a baby and are financially strapped. Their hopes are dashed when Samantha is diagnosed as infertile and the couple can't afford the medical treatments that might allow her to conceive. Just when it seems their dreams will end, the couple are given the opportunity to receive free treatments from a new, and relatively unheard of, fertility clinic. The Spiritius Research Clinic is in Lakeview, a small town two hours away, and they move to the clinic.

It soon becomes clear something is amiss. In the laboratory where the couple's eggs and sperm samples are being mixed, the scientist takes a large, engraved metal needle and injects a red substance into Craig's sperm without the couple's knowledge. After the treatments, they are overjoyed when it is discovered Samantha is pregnant with twins.

I noticed this actress a week ago appearing in one interesting movie with Adam Sandler and Jack Nickolson -Anger Managment, who was also week ago on my tv, where she connects with that Red Sox conspiracy i am fallowing.. which is mentioned in this topic.
(On the side note.. H.Graham is connected to that other Hollywood Scientology 'twin' cult Transcendental Meditation, of that Beatles guru Maharishi M.Yogi.)


In the right picture we see sync of freemasonic G ruler as vaginal Redsox Logo.

Now, in the last scene of the movie appeared the two evil born twin girls, that scene reminding us of Damian movie. So i got to look at their real names and they are unusually suprising - the names are Star Lynden-Bell and Tess Lynden-Bell
Star is occult, and Tess is syncing to the curse breaking lucky Tessie song of Red Sox fans.
After googling for Lynden-Bell the name Donald Lynden-Bell appeared top , they are obviosely related.. - the twin girls and Donald are from England..which is the center of Freemasonory and all other conspiricies. Now who is he, i think interesting stargating sync:

Donald Lynden-Bell CBE FRS (born April 5, 1935 in Dover) is an English astrophysicist, best known for his theories that galaxies contain massive black holes at their centre, and that such black holes are the principal source of energy in quasars. Lynden-Bell has been the president of the Royal Astronomical Society.

He was also a member of a group of astronomers known as the Seven Samurai which postulated the existence of the Great Attractor, a huge, diffuse region of material around 250 million light-years away that results in the observed motion of our local galaxies.

So the black holes , Great Attractor and Red Shift - this guy seems to be some top player in the cosmic ball game. We can say this movie represents Red Sox gate shifting , producing gemini as galactic anti center doorway opening for galactic centre.
I think somebody in synchosphere has writen about RedShift.. seems that i couldnt find it now. Sagittarius and Great Attractor connection .

Red Sox is OX /and Oxtagonal stargate...red Ox /OZ/77.
Through some synchromystical ways I came to that conclusion by message i noticed in Jake Kotze's Blob header (seems like yet again Jake HEADer is speaking to me :)
On the top section this time around was the Octagonal Chinese Zodiac Ox stargate and movie Gran Torino. So Red Sox is Red Ox , also egg and lightning see the afewshotstoshaman's blog post. Zeus the egg.

Therefore the lady on the top of RSox picture with gold star represent OZ /Zoey....with OX/ Taurus/GCanticenter4/Isis stargate... which is opening in these days of beginning of Ox year from the Chinese zodiac (26 January 2009 lasts till 14 February 2010 - Earth Ox) who is manifesting itself or perhaps invoked by this news of R.Sox card found.

To prove OX and Sox connection we could also see the word Stockings (original name for the RedSox) which is the Livestock (also a word Stoka in Serbian language is Cattle ) Stocks exchange sync in too. The animal kingdom - cow/ox/cattle/ livestock thus milky way is connecting to galactic center opening day - Sagittarius/Centaur /Jupiter/Zeus/Horus.

Now we go look for the wickipedia entry for cattle / Ox.. and we find the kind -Zebus .. and this picture from the Mubai (wink to recent terrorist atack) of an Ox/Zebus Chariots of Gods... and amazingly on the Bus/truck? the words - GOOODS CARRIER ?!


Above this Zebus/Zeus gods chariot in the background you could see the advert of Honda motorbike Hero Honda Karizma with slogan "jet set go" HH KARizma / chariots of gods stargate.
hero honda karizma, karizma hero honda bike, hero honda karizma bike, karizma motorcycle suppliers, karizma bike suppliers, hero honda karizma motorcycle, karizma herohonda bikes, karizma hero honda motorcycles

HH Honda logo horns of the Zebus/Ox... Zeus chariot .
Logos for Honda automobiles and Honda powersports.____Logos for Honda automobiles and Honda powersports.and motorbike winged logo (or horned;)

More about cattle/oxens in religions -In Judaism, there is one Red Ox Red heifer was a sacrificial cow whose ashes were used for the ritual purification of people who came into contact with a corpse, as described in Hebrew Bible -Numbers 19:2.

Oxen (singular ox) are large and heavyset breeds of Bos taurus cattle trained as draft animals. Often they are adult, castrated males. (Great balls of fire.)

Red Ox is also connected as Jesus in some Bible verses.

And this is a painting of Christ in Majesty from Germany..


According to Timo Eskola, early Christian theology and discourse was influenced by the Jewish Merkabah tradition.[7]
The Hebrew word Merkabah (מרכבה "chariot", derived from the consonantal root r-k-b with general meaning "to ride") is used in Ezekiel (1:4-26) to refer to the throne-chariot of God, the four-wheeled vehicle driven by four "chayot" (Hebrew: "living creatures"), each of which has four wings and the four faces of a man, lion, ox, and eagle.
In Christianity, the man, lion, ox, and eagle are used as symbols for the four evangelists (or gospel-writers), and appear frequently in church decorations (and also in the Tarot card "The World", and in the Rider-Waite Tarot deck, also the "Wheel of Fortune"). These Creatures are called Zoë (or the Tetramorph), and are constantly surrounding the throne of God in Heaven, along with the twenty-four angelic rulers, the Seraphim, the Cherubim, the seven Archangels, the Ophanim, and countless angels, spirits, and saints, singing praises to the Trinity, and begging Christ to have mercy on humankind.

The Ox could be found on the Tarot cards - Tarot/Taurus/Torah/Truth...

Wheel of Fortune (X) and the The World (XXI) of Major Arcana cards .


So it seems the wheel of fortune turned on the right spot for the old lady from the beginning of the post. I didnt for a long time seen Rosemary's Baby film but i think this picture is very like the old lady from the movie.


Update 3 :D

A granny- the green old hag synchs to Gran Torino movie
The Blob had it in the header day ago, oxagonal stargate..

the real Gran Torino car picture by the Walley - it's synching walls and connecting the car to the Wally the green Monster mascot of the Red Sox


The name of Clint Eastwood in the Gran Torino movie is also Walle resonant-
Walt Kawalski !!!

Green Ford Gran Torino from the movie:
http://www.imcdb.org/vehicle_173552-For ... -1972.html

Gran Torino synchs up Great Attractor, in the the synch forum it was connected to to the Discworld and thus Great A'Tuin, the star turtle:

Great A'Tuin is the Giant Star Turtle (species: Chelys galactica) who travels through space, carrying the four giant elephants (named Berilia, Tubul, Great T'Phon, and Jerakeen) who in turn carry the Discworld, and is introduced as such in nearly every book. The narration has described A'Tuin as "the only turtle ever to feature on the Hertzsprung-Russell diagram."


Discworld cartoon -- masonic checkerboard, pyramids ... interesting..
Discworld - Colour of Magic - Part 01 - tv movie
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ieZqlB3v ... re=related
Turtle stargate with elephants--curious, notice octagonal shape at 3:28 .. intresting cast.

So we have the Green Granny -Great A'Tuin turtle-Green Wally - Gran Torino -- new movie from Clint Eastwood to which we come back now...
And so... you can see in this video here at 0:53 how a green shirt Asian girl calling Clint Wally

They talk about his birthday here, maybe its pointing to some world event on that date. I didnt watch this movie yet, so i dont know for his Birthday there, but real Clint's bday is May_31 and things that i see noticeable for 5. 31 could be:
#Usian Bolt break new world record, and two devastating earthquakes..
#1931 - 7.1 magnitude Earthquake destroys Quetta in modern-day Pakistan: 40,000 dead.
# 1970 - The Ancash earthquake causes a landslide that buries the town of Yungay, Peru; more than 47,000 people are killed

Now, the "Violator" pointed me to in the comments bellow to the
Aldebaran ( α Tau, α Tauri, Alpha Tauri) is the brightest star in the constellation Taurus and one of the brightest stars in the nightime sky.

And its known to be close to the Sun every year around May 31.

That's a bull's eye sync
with birthday of Clint!

It is really astonishing and sometimes shocking only to see how things are well synchromystically connected and synchronized in this holographic universe we live in and are blinded not to see so obvious.

And now you should see the esoteric flag of USA Ohio state...made by those Ill people
http://www.goroadachi.com/etemenanki/110904-9.jpg ---- http://www.goroadachi.com/etemenanki/eg4-allseeingeye.jpg
the red circle here represent Aldebran as synched by Goro Adachi.
Ohio is state of Cincinnati (synchsynaty:) the C. Manson's home town and home of baseball - Reds.
Aldebaran is also mentioned in the Roling Stones album THEIR SATANIC MAJESTIES REQUEST - 2000 Light Years from Home

Another Goro's find for the red bull's eye...a most important one of Arnold Shwarcenegger the new worlds beast leader and antichrist.



Unknown said...

Haha, now that you mention it, she would fit very easily into Rosemary's Baby. The red ox/taurus brings to mind the red star Aldebaran which is the red "bull's eye" in the taurus constellation; which, directly opposite in the zodiac, the archer Saggitarius aim his arrow at. The first post I wrote specifically for my blog was Red Shift, the posts before it were just copied from a messageboard I posted at.

D7 said...

Thanks for Aldebaran comment.. And I remember reading your Red Shift post week ago or so, some really great info there, i will read it again now.
I might add another update here -syncing that old hag with green great turtle that i wrote in the sync-forum :)


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Hope they live well

D7 said...

As you noticed above i've deleted the Jenn's post, when she posted it i was concerned for Jenn & Benn safety, cos they were about to cross to Mexico going away from the evil empire system in the US.
I sent lot of you this email.. and
we pray and hope they get there to safety.

I don't have any info about them no more, but we have to believe they are made it there well and safe.
Especially because I had one synchromystical event about Mexico(Red/green flag country).
On Wednesday night when i was walking through city streets i heard some radio advert telling people to visit the museum which was hosting exhibit of Mexican folk clothing, the opening night, and this museum was just only block away.. funny... so i went in a museum after...hmmm i dont recall how many long years ...
So, i reasonably have the hope now they are over the border, wearing these folk clothes derived from these native peoples... and awaiting for the Kukulkan. :)