November 7, 2008

D7 - Sync Master

It's funny and strange that after all this time of synching i have just now noticed that i use a SyncMaster monitor.. by Samsung -- so the word Sync is constantly standing in front of my eyes...while i do syncing . Maybe monitor in the first place did brought me through some mysterious ways to this synchromystical dimension.

Very soon I am going to buy a new TFT-LCD monitor, but the problem is that it seems like all the monitor brands are under Illuminati watchful eye, all their names and the logos are sounding and looking to much esoteric and masonic. So which to buy..
SamSUNG ... LG ...etc. etc. The meaning of the Korean word Samsung is "tristar" or "three stars". Three star gate... of Orion?! and LG LuckyGolden star gate known to be connected to the GodLike prediction of NY 9/11 Twin Towers fall.

Both Samsung and LG are involved in some Twin Towers of their own.
Samsung constructed Tower 1 of the Petronas Twin Towers in Malaysia, the world's tallest twin buildings.
-Samsung also constructed the Taipei 101 in Taiwan, the world's tallest completed skyscraper and constructing the world's tallest building, the Burj Dubai in the UAE.

LG Twin Towers...Beijing --- LG Twin Towers.... Korea
Interestingly it looks like they both are a part of something like 11:11 2k twining stargate ritual.. also LG Display and Samsung Electronics are in a heated competition to be the number one supplier of liquid crystal displays; they were each credited with a 22% market share as of April 2006.

So anyway, if any of you readers of this blog possibly do own a Samsung monitor from the SyncMaster series...and suddenly magically stumble upon this post.. please report the synchronicity ;)

My soon to be gone monitor reminds on the movie Electric Dreams , from 1984
about talking computer/monitor... -trailer
My Syncy became in time the part of my mind.. and was controlling me and wishing to rule the world through me. - excellent song from the film -as farewell to Syncy.

:D7 the SyncMaster

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