March 6, 2009



Meet the Zep Tepi... that is the tower that resonates synchromisticaly the first time - the Zero Point .....

And it more precisely syncs with the AKER


This is the symbol for the god Aker. It signifies the horizon, the point where night turns to day, where day turns to night - Zero Point or Zep Tepi. It is depicted as two lions seated back to back, facing away from each other. They are also called Yesterday and Tomorrow, as one lion faces towards the east where the sun rises and begins the new day, the other lion faces west where the sun sets and descends into the Underworld. Aker also guards the gate to the Underworld and opens it for the King to pass through. We also find this pattern on the breastplate of the Sphinx and represents duality.

The tower is in Belgrade (city where i live) and is located in the section named Block 33 ... As you can see it has the Zepter neon light sign advertisement on the top.. a company owned by the second richest Serbian man Philip Zepter...(its not his real name). So Zepter sync to Zep Tepi and the 33 degree freemasonic connection is so obvious.

Building is named Genex Tower... which again is pointing to Zep Tepi.. the creation.. Genesis. Also the name for it is West Gate of Belgrade.. this stargate is on the west end. (A serbian word for west is Zapad.. similar to Zep.)

Zep Tepi is Genesis. Zep means Time. Tepi means First. Together they are the 'First Time' or the Golden Age (Alchemy) where the gods moved through the Void and created the grid of our reality.

Genex Tower2

The Zepter advertisement logo was placed somewhere around 2005 .. also more earlier was placed the sign of Komercial Bank on the left part of the building.. this word on the side begins with KO which syncs to KOsmos/ Cosmos... Cosmic gate crown chakra , as it is syncing this pic from their violet site... , and i'm not sure could KO there be linked to circle k and 2k.
Or maybe word commercial sync to a coming of the end ... or as some tend to look at this through sex prism - cumming , in that way of thought.. its not clear to me and I wonder is this one great giant goddess vagina...:) , or are these great testicles of god... maybe Seth- for whom legend says that Horus cut them of in the battle...
In time when i was starting to prepare this article 17/18 Feb. here in my country was dominating news story of a Hungarian man castrating himself on the very north town Subotica - Saturday /Saturn city.

This Star Gate to the Zero point is closely linked with the creation, and universe, point of the cosmic peace in a yet another synch - very near the tower are some graffiti walls... where is written word Svemir... which means universe, space.. or AllPeace.

One reason why I write about this building is that I was born in this masonic 33 Block near the Zep Tepi...well, to be correct not exactly born -this i did in hospital away from there ;), but I lived for the first 4 years of my life around there and i remember this building well engraved in my child's mind...

Novi Beograd

The tower could fit in the category of H pillars..this is from sync wiki:

H Pillars are a type of pillarmid which consists of two towers which are connected in the middle giving it the appearance of the letter H. Sometimes the letter H itself is used to represent two pillars, such as in the logo for the movie Manhattan, by Woody Allen.

The letter H is the eighth in the English alphabet, thus resonating with the octagon.

Genex building is the Gene Isis, has address number 53 which is 8 , G8 and it syncs with infinity theme 8 .... and hourglass.....The street name, translated in english would be -Folk's Heroes /Horus...

Hourglass -- pyramids light cones pic from Zep Tepi article at crystal links... Orion stargate. ---

The zepter logo Z on the north sides of the structure resembles - Hourglass and 8

And of course, there is 8 sync in the octagonal gate... which you could notice at the top of the building below the round disk.


Above this Star g8 on the top crown is supposed to be a revolving restaurant.. but it is out of work officially for some reason.. and i don't remember if it was ever working, i never entered this building... so god knows who is now dwelling in there...or what

On the Genesis building, there are a lot of advert banners placed and changing over the time on the south part... mostely some giant woman pics and bluish logo picture has 3 flowers.. of life.. lillies royal logo, and that pic above recently I taken in these snowy winter has 3 bottles....

This building syncs to lots of egyptian and astrotheology myths...Number three could connect in lot of ways..signyfing the Orion belt- Orion gate, the three pyramids of Giza, Sirius three ABC stars... and Mercury through Three times great Hermes/ Thoth/Odin( or Loki).. to whom this picture from the zero point is pointing -- the yellow sign on the top of near building with green letters it says Merkur (mercury).

Mercury is connected to the Gemini constellation.. and funny these are kind of twin towers.
Mercury was synched with the Crane - in this thread of synchromysticism forum.
THe Tehuti / Thoth /Hermes / Mercury build this gate time grid of reality... and although the cranes are gone now he still watches over it.
I remember while i was growing up there that I, my family and probably some others around nicknaming the building a "crane" because of dominating tower cranes at the time it was built... it was designed in 1977. and was officialy opened in 1980.
77 /crowley...

Thoth also could synch with president of the country at the time similarly named - Tito (Josip Broz) so heis two in one. He was one masonic dictator who ruled from end of WW2 till his death in 1980... and i must say ruled very badly to the likings of most Serbian people, although it was peaceful time, seemingly while he let thousands Albanians into Serbian accient land Kosovo/Cosmos over the reigning years, preparing ground for all the wars in the region over the years. And still many theories about going on about him as freemason taking the false identity of dead war soldier , being Hazarian jew etc. and i remember someone mentioning the existance plot of resurrecting him...

---tito-poza13.jpg image by Joshua_Tree42---Image

Lots of this new part of Belgrade was built after ww2.. so freemasonic influence was strong. There are some other weird stargate buildings here that i talked about earlier..
cuboid twin tower gate...a weird area near where music concerts started to be held from recently a diabolic and mystical Rolling Stones played there and MMadonna will perform.. also another tall structural gate hexagonal one.

The earthly creator of this arc was the MM guy - Mihajlo Mitrović the architect.
and now the whole tower is owned by masonic Delta company of another MM... Miroslav Miskovic who is for Serbia same as Mr. Burns for Springfield.. the richest guy who owns almost everything.... and notice they even look the same :))

33rd_degree_2_seattle.gif (6519 bytes)Freemasonic double headed eagle and their number 33rd degree , could also sync with the building.. and Block 33 where the building is based..

more about phoenix/eagle (which happens to be flag of Serbia) symbolysm read here:

And there is monkey sync.. picture i found where is one toy monkey.. Obama resonant...

We keep on going in monkey style ..and below you see one newspaper advert lately appearing over the billboards in the city.... but there is King Kong on the top passing G8 into Zep Tepi , Hyperborea, Black sun, Golden age OZiris , Zen point.... and also we see another monkey weight lifting on the upper left.... weirdness. -

There exist one story - myth that people didn't evolve from the monkey...rather the humans dissolved into the one, the ape, once upon a time when we came to earth... like the Planet of the Apes movie/novel.

This now is edited sentence and pics after a month passed - new monkey zepter sync :
u see a street performer in front of Zepter headquaters in the city main street.. with a monkey on his shoulder- didnt get clear shot of monkey... but i think it looks like this kind?!

This is Youtube video of Genex Tower parachute „Base jump“ that strangely was performed on 9/11 ...year 2007... or more correctly this video was uploaded on that same day..... (not sure exactly about the date, and not clear in the news archives was it 8 or 9 at weekend)....but i think it is related to 9/11 (Twin Towers fall (demolition)).

The Genex is mostly a normal small office and residential building...or maybe "they" want you to think so... when i look at the top.. i could feel some beings living up there and watching us... Now I sound like Samuel L. Jackson in "Caveman's Valentine" movie call me crazy. Anyway i' ll be keeping an eye on the news syncs about it.

And here is the live camera view... but beware... day after i had shown this to Hidden Dakini she run into trouble with the law.... so revealing this secret places of masonic strongholds could be dangerous ;
In fact for this Zepi sync I am greatly thankful to Jenn /Gen.. it was when i show her picture of this strange building... she connected the Zepter sign to Zep Tepi .

So again, directly from the gates of zero point:controlable camera, just dont break it ;0

I have looked for some Zep resonating words.. and there is the Ray Gun.. which has the Zzzzap sound /Zep ...

My previous post was about Isis Iron Maiden and their mascot Eddie...we see here his ray gun Zapping... unzipping...the Zep Tepi.. opening the gates of the first time... with their tour "somewhere back in time" ---
They had their gig just couple blocks away... it is on the same street... and they surely passed the Genex tower on their way to the Airport named Nikola Tesla, they played on stage that so they were facing west thus looking and zapping their way into the past , resurrecting paradise, unzipping the vail of Isis.. creating stairway to Sirius.

The picture of RayGun I found on TooLongInThisPlace blogspot of Wise Woman who also has some Egyptian syncs, and her country where she is located the New Zealand.

One other strange sync with Zep my nick name is "dez"... when you flip it around... it becomes zep.., and also my last name begins with ze..., so.. I am the one, the long awaited messiah.. the first man :), I am not being very serious here of course.. i dont really claim that...
Zepp is the name of the character in the SAW movies that i was synching in my previous posts... much known Hello Zepp melody from SAW was written by CC =33 guy..
There could also be Zebra and Valis connection.
Also i run in this synchs on the Zebron, it could be some sync point to me as the first one , so i dont know is this some myth or just a beautiful story, but it seems I had to reunite with my lost Alexandra.. Zebron and AleXandra .

The story synchs with First God and Goddess, Man and Woman which are in the hermetic Alchemy a double headed eagle/phoenix.. , the Rebis an androgyne, also sync to Ying/Yang, Adam and Eve (ribs) , Hunab Ku God of Mayans,a gate to Galactic center.
33=CC/Christ Counsciousness -- cc cc

This post and story of Zep Tepi (which i recommend everyone to read) coincide with day of premiere of much awaited in the sync realm
movie. "Watchman" - so i think this mention of watchers here has some importance.
During the fabled First Time, Zep Tepi, when the gods ruled in their country, they said it was a golden age during which the waters of the abyss receded, the primordial darkness was banished, and humanity, emerging into the light, was offered the gifts of civilization.

They spoke also of intermediaries between gods and men called the Urshu, a category of lesser divinities whose title meant 'the Watchers'. And they preserved particularly vivid recollections of the gods themselves, puissant and beautiful beings called the Neteru who lived on earth with humankind and exercised their sovereignty from Heliopolis and other sanctuaries up and down the Nile.

Some of these Neteru were male and some female but all possessed a range of supernatural powers which included the ability to appear, at will, as men or women, or as animals, birds, reptiles, trees or plants. Paradoxically, their words and deeds seem to have reflected human passions and preoccupations. Likewise, although they were portrayed as stronger and more intelligent than humans, it was believed that they could grow sick - or even die, or be killed - under certain circumstance."

The ancient Egyptians left records describing the Zep Tepi as actual historic peoples who were very advanced and came to the Nile valley from the south and proceeded to civilize and rule over the native peoples. This group of people known as Zep Tepi were survivors of disaster in their former home and sought safety and a new life in the Nile valley. It is they, according to the Egyptian records that built the Great Sphinx and the Pyramid complex at Giza.

- Graham Hancock - Fingerprints of the Gods

I just now realized that star symbol * asterisk on my keyboard is above the number 8 at the same key.... didnt give much thought on keyboards before... did someone else discovered this star g8... probably...
my keyboard has 6 rays star.. * and i am typing it now.. and i see in asterisk wiki there is a 5 pointed star.. so I dont know does everyone has same keybord defaults.. and does he see now 5 or 6 ?!... anyways, the key resembles or Flower of life.. or it could be related to Merkabah, the chariots of acension to eternity.

I'll be clickin it now to ascend higher... 888***888***888*** lol ... Funny the LoL syncs with Aker lions and this Zep building. lol could be 101 or maybe 707 as LOL the A.Crowley 77... but i think the 101 gate has something to do with leo and gemini relation.. maybe Galactic Center... or Sirius.. i dont understand astrology well yet .

8 is in the Tarot card of Lions... Strenght.. connecting lions to the 8 street number and octagon gate of the Genex building and making the 88 which is HH.

So we have Hourglass and pyramid cones resembling the * asterisk.. the infinity....the sacred geometry of flower of life, and Z Zepter logo
Actually ... i think 77= Z =8 . And in Serbian cyrilic alphabet the Z is eight letter, so Z sync with 8... Tarot deck has 78 cards.

This will be mine last blog post for the time... I have no much energy to write, I'll be reading though here and there stuff in synchosphere maybe even comment somewhere and stay at same time wave zero frequency... of 2012, but for now its taking me to much time and space to research and write... maybe I'll be back again when it comes the zero point , the timeless zone and i become eternal resurrected star being ;) comments will be acceptable anyways.

peace, love and light to all... be weLL.


Unknown said...

Amazing work!! :)

Unknown said...

Funny you mention the asterisk key above the #8 on the keyboard. I was going to mention that in my last post and decided against it. Mine is a 6-pointed star on my keyboard, but shows up as five here *. Some have 8 points, I think in India and places like that.

Genex = Gene-X, like genes in the DNA. Or Generation-X, the current generation of mid-30's people I think. Or Ex-Gen, the old generation, the ancient gods in the zeptepi who created hybrid humans with their x-gene?

The ZEPTER logo's "hourglass" has 3 lines on top and 3 on bottom, 33.

D7 said...

Thanks for the comment Quintessence.. and ViolatoR..thanks for the X-gene.. comment.

About * i see five rays star here.. but in posting section, and browser- firfox.. there is 6... anyway.. its strange... it could represent the black sun.

And see this SAW puppet tricycle picture... with Octagonal wheel... and two smaller hexagonal wheels..

it may connect to your blog
somehow, where SAW tricycle could fit in the some big picture...

I read your blogs.. and some amazing theories you write there..also more important to me some gnosis in occult and myths... i realy like the blog.. just there is to much to read..and consume, and the time is precious.. i have to read it more times.. to get it all..;)

Alex Robinson said...

Very interesting (& great synchs).

For some (possibly) strange reason I was reminded of two different 'constructions' - one is the Thiepval memorial - located at crossroads D73 (DE7??) and D151

and this building in Tokyo (check out 4th pic down)-

Have read a suggestion that the 'golden age' was not merely a description of an ideal time, but a time of much use of gold.

Enjoy your time R&R

All the best

D7 said...

Thank you for the comment Wise Woman...
I will see about this constructions..D7 - D73 is funny.. i teach from J.Kotze its connected to Crowley's Cipher or Grid Page from the Book of the Law... (not a reason for blogs name, just D,7 and Z sync to me)

Thiep(val) is similar to Tepi...i think somebody pointed that T always connects to Time..

And about the gold i read your excellent blog Golden Mil-lion Man - connecting it to Lions..
Maybe its no wonder why there is one Bank advertising itself on this GeneX building.

Also, this Blogger is orange which in some way represents golden..
- blog - golb - gold..
maybe even the globe...

Be Lion Of God...
Gods Love/Lion Only Being Eternally
Gods Of Lions Dog

The Lion in Serbian is Lav and it reads similar to English Love.

Jesus is Love.

Lion of Judah tribe...connected to Jesus...!.htm

So we have here on the tower two lions.. its pointing that Jesus had a twin brother...
Didymus/Judas/Thomas ..
or he is representation of some ancient twin myth of creation origins.
One twin is Love other the Light

ok.this is maybe to far fetched ;) so.. beware maybe the God GoLd is the prime eviL, the false light,the Lucifer.;)

peace <3

D7 said...

Zep Tepi syncs with time.. toth/time travel..
and Time syncs with rabbits through Alice in wonderland..

so we have the a TepoZtecatl the rabbit god

"According to Aztec myth, Tepoztecatl was one of the Centzon Totochtin, ("four-hundred rabbits"; also Centzontotochtin) are a group of deities who meet for frequent parties; they are divine rabbits, and the gods of drunkenness. The four hundred children of Mayahuel, the goddess of the maguey plant, and Pantecatl, the god that discovered the fermentation process. As a deity of pulque, Tepoztecatl was associated with fertility cults and Tlaloc. Tepoztecatl was also associated with the wind, hence deriving an alternative name of Ehecacone, son of the wind."

Deadly tunel co. said...

Well done, quite interesting...I never thought this way. Maybe I (and my friends) can help you and others with making a film about it?

Svaka čast, prilično zanimljivo...Nikada nisam razmišljao o tome na taj način. Možda moji drugovi i ja možemo da ti pomognemo, tj. da pomognemo da i ostali to vide, pomoću video kamere?

Poseti naš blog ako te ne mrzi, uigrana smo ekipa, a i u bloku 34 smo.

Veliki pozdrav!