June 12, 2009

Outstanding Bear Antichrist of MarkRyden Artwork

Today were ice hockey NHL finals, but this post will not be about that, i will just use hocKey team to open the way through one very deep sync hole. The news that triggered me to write this i found in synchromysticismforum...The white supremicist shooter in the holecost museum named James W.Von Brunn.
Charles Manson (the blog mascot, the man who might be possesing my mind be it for good or evil) had a Helter Skelter theory based on racial war.. in which his group of people will be victorious at the end, they are the chosen few to entheared the earth... he saw him self like 5th angel with the key of underground bottomless pit.

So Brunn syncs to Bruins, like so Bears.

Ice Hockey -Boston Bruins octagonal logo:

I recently have read this weird news about Marylin Manson
http://www.contactmusic.com/news.nsf/ar ... ir_1105633


Marilyn Manson shaved a swastika, a symbol used by the Nazis, into his new porn star girlfriend Stoya's pubic hair.

Marilyn Manson shaved a swastika into his new porn star girlfriend's pubic hair.

The controversial rocker - who has been involved in an on/off relationship with 'The Wrestler' actress Evan Rachel Wood - is dating
Serb-Scottish adult movie star Stoya, who allows him to customise her intimate body hair.

He said in an interview with Britain's The Times newspaper: "I drew it on with blue eyeliner. I had to call the hotel, 'Can I have a protractor, please?' It was 6am. But you've got to line it up properly. You know?"

However, the 'Beautiful People' singer insists his relationship with the 22-year-old brunette is not serious.

He explained: "Do I have a girlfriend? Yes. No. But I'm single.

"I have a bruise. It goes from here to here. I don't know where it came from. That means I had a good night. Loose women - I'm intoxicated with loose women."

Meanwhile, the 40-year-old musician has revealed he still gets on great with his ex-wife, burlesque dancer Dita Von Tease.

He said: "I saw her two days ago at a bar. And I was like, 'Hey, you're my ex-wife!' And we got along so well. So that was nice. She got the boy cats. I got the virgin girl cat."

05 June 2009

Image = http://yepyep.gibbs12.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/03/258573936_5624a839b7.jpg

M.Manson here looks like Nicholas Cage to me :teleport:

Weird is Stoya photo in wiki page... like the Kill Bill movie with the sword..


I first noticed this MM news with worry cos of Serbian blood involved, not that i follow these two "artist", Stoya i noticed for the first time, her real name Jessica Stojadinovic her last name derrived from word Standing, but also the STO means number 100... also translates as Table.

After short search i found this video of hers
so i will now link Stoya Doll video with explicit sexual content (and maybe even voodoo doll effect?!) ... so be warned:
Kill the Bear
Shortly to describe it -Jessica slays at the end of video the big stuffed brown teddy Bear with the knife.

Her 23 birthdaty is in two days.

Stoya (born June 15, 1986 in Wilmington, North Carolina) is the stage name of an American pornographic actress and model. The stage name "Stoya" was her nickname before appearing in adult films, and is the shortened version of her family's last name.

She is an exclusive contract performer for Digital Playground and is regarded as the first alt porn contract girl. Stoya is AVN's 2009 Best New Starlet.

From M.Manson wiki where he is pictured with the knife
In November 2007, additional papers were filed saying that Manson purchased a child's skeleton and masks made of human skin. He also allegedly bought stuffed animals, such as a grizzly bear and two baboons and a collection of Nazi memorabilia.[62] In December 2007, Manson countersued, claiming that Bier failed to fulfill his duties as a bandmember to play for recordings and to promote the band.

Swastika was for real carved on C.Mansons forehead and Chucky used knifes to murder. Both on whom my blog is based upon and i find them syncnificant resonators of things to come.

And now to made of it full circle through Mark Ryden and his "Good By Bear" painting sync with Stoya video where she also is in RW colors.


and his painting
Red haired girl named Jessica "Jessicas Hope".. where could be the clock pointing?


This Jessica is probably connected to another Jessicka with K (its like magic/magick of ACrowley thing?! ) Jessicka Foder which was in the band who have much connections to Marylin Mansons Jack Off Jill

Jessicka F. loooks similar to Jessica S.(Stoya)
Image =+=

Ryden made the album covers for and Jessickas and Robin's band - JOJ
maybe also involved with Marilyn Manson ..
Tenni Arslanyan met Jessicka while attending Piper High School in Sunrise, Florida. They had begun writing songs, but had not yet formed a band when Moulder and Inhell joined them to create the band that would become Jack Off Jill. Jack Off Jill's first show was opening for fellow Floridian and long time friend Marilyn Manson and his shock-rock outfit, Marilyn Manson and the Spooky Kids, at a Davie, Florida night club called The Plus Five Lounge. Manson went on to take the band under his wing. He mentored them, produced their early demos and had them open most of his shows.[3] The female foursome quickly became one of the most exciting and controversial underground bands during their heyday. During this time the band served as the opening act for many female fronted national acts such as Joan Jett, L7 (band), Silverfish (band), Tribe 8, Fetchin' Bones and the Lunachicks. Singer Jessicka's on-stage antics included stripping young men on stage while the band and crowd taunted the exposed fans, as well as covering the audience with spit and real blood and candy. In early 1993, Jessicka and Manson formed Mrs. Scabtree.

In December 1993,
Jack Off Jill joined Marilyn Manson on dates through Florida. While playing Club 5 in Jacksonville, Florida Manson was arrested for violating the town's adult entertainment codes. Jessicka was arrested for solicitation and offering to engage in lewdness. Both singers were charged with misdemeanors.

Weird flyer.. with Charles Manson and his two girls are in it.


Jessicka purports to be bisexual and has discussed sexual experiences with both men and women.

On February 14, 2006, (Valentine's Day) while on a break from touring, she and guitarist Christian Hejnal were engaged. Their wedding took place on October 13, 2007 at the Oviatt Penthouse in Los Angeles.
Keanu Reeves, Jeff Buhler, Roman Dirge, Kevin Haskins, Dita Von Teese, Mark Ryden, Jared Gold, Elizabeth McGrath, Gary Baseman, Clint Catalyst, Tim Biskup, and Samantha Maloney were amongst the guests that attended. The couple changed their surname to Addams. Ryden's wedding gift was a miniature portrait of the couple, a faithful adaptation of Jan Van Eyck's "Arnolfini Portrait," that was reproduced on the invitations

In early 2002 Jessicka was introduced to Long Gone John, owner of Sympathy for the Record Industry, by mutual friend Mark Ryden. On March 19, 2003 Scarling.'s debut single, "Band Aid Covers the Bullet Hole", was released on John's label. Its cover featured an illustration entitled "Wound 39" by artist Mark Ryden. In April 2004, Scarling released their first album, the seven-song, thirty-three-minute Sweet Heart Dealer, which again utilized the team of Ryden and Vrenna.

Long Gone John (born John Edward Mermis) is an American entrepreneur who is best known for his record label Sympathy for the Record Industry and his vinyl toy company Necessaries Toy Foundation. He has lived in Long Beach, California for 30 years. He has recently relocated to Olympia, Washington.

Sympathy Records continues to be one of the more successful indie labels in the US. Many of his releases also involve commissioned artwork from well- known artists such as,
Mark Ryden, Todd Schorr and Robert Williams, often involving subversive riffs on other famous works, like the album cover of The Rolling Stones, "Their Satanic Majesties Request."

"On July 17, 2000, JOJ released their second full-length CD, Clear Hearts Grey Flowers on Risk Records, that featured a cover by artist Mark Ryden and was produced by Chris Vrenna "
Interesting symbolism ..form lincoln/obama to bees bunnies spirals skull and bones..symbolysm.

Mark Ryden discusses his artwork and his relationship with Long Gone John.

This was taken from Gregg Gibbs' amazing documentary The Treasures of Long Gone John.

Maybe someone should look at the back of MR paintings for the clues, remember i said MManson looks like Nicholas Cage.

Funny he's born 7. January (Orthodox Christmas) 1964 and MM was born 5. January.. 5 years later. Christ and Antichrist superstar.

Cant skip this and not to remember Cage's movie Next .. maybe crazy thought - coud he created his dualistic double existance and he manifested himself into the past to prevent some disaster.. as MManson, he is always masked face...biography changed..

The pic sync to Nick, Elvis and redhaired girl from Ryden artwork.


Red Haired Jessica painting had a red spirals around the wheels...
Jigsaw puppet named Billy have red spirals on his face
Billy Killy have similar hair to MManson and NCage...
SAW tricycle..- Obama trycicle
Little Boy Blue

Little Boy Blue was in in The Hollow Chocolate Bunnies of the Apocalypse (2002) by Robert Rankin.

Little Boy Blue was the second victim in The Hollow Chocolate Bunnies of the Apocalypse (2002) by Robert Rankin.



RYnden again^ killer bunnies..Obama /lincoln/brown. bunnys - bears...
in sequal "prophecy "of terminator new ruler of America.

the sequel The Toyminator


Talking about dualistic doppelgangers, Chucky is "Doll Good Guy" - "GoodBy Bear"
golDEN bear... riddle key is ryDEN Colbert Report... mirrored book shaving hair become evil robot warrior..

As i started the post with Boston Bruins (Bears) i finishing it with famous song from The Stranglers which sync with notorious serial killer Boston Strangler - the song Golden Brown.


G - blogGGer golden logo gate...


Split personalitty good & bad opposites.. beard/bear DrJackyl &MrHyde. Look at good good guy doll his orangish hair and face make shape similar to Blogger G logo. In first sequals of Child's Play movies doll look like good guy.. in later he lost his cool and transformed himself into this Manson/Cage/Saw type of hair scarface murderous hilarious chuckling knife lunatic.


So i been before in the blog writing about Charles Manson, Chucky, Boston , Redness vs Blueness syncs.. now to dolls of MManson Bears, .. where does this lead us - not sure...you for yourself decide, one global alchemy ritual is being performed in front of our very own eyes..



Dennis/87 said...

Sad that there is not more comments here. That sad f***, MM is not exposed by his peers. I heard an interview from him on the BBC recently, what a drug freak, sick person he is. Why such tomfoolery? Who would be partial to his insanity? Why does he exist? What can be learned? Dennis.

D7 said...

Thanks for the comment, it was posted at 3:33 my time zone, :)

M.Manson in the picture below has cancer sign, the astrological period at this time, may connect to Michael Jackson passing away.
This site has more interesting articcles on Marylin Manson:

The Kern Gate.. synchs with Pepsi Power Stacks in baseball Cinncinnati Reds stadium, about them i was talkng in some of my blogs before that synch with ACrowley and CinCinNati birth place of Charles Manson.




Bruins, Brunn all connect to Bruno comedian actor whose movie premiere had blocked the star of MJ on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and who was recently in the Berlin in the strange pink suit, maybe he is the Brain of all the conspiracy. MJ death is connected to number 5 a lot bringing a 5-th angel into mind, MJ Dangerous album cover was made by Mark Ryden, also Michael was merried to L.M.Presley who synch with Nick Cage, and so on.

Anonymous said...

Unrelated otherwise but Jasmine Fiore looks like a mark ryden character

Anonymous said...
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