December 24, 2008

Anna Fuckis


This blog post is about the synchronicities revolving around actress , a star - Anna Faris... why did i call her in the title - Fuckis, you are probably asking now? well, you will found out this later in the post...

NOW we go down through rabbit hole with Anna as the bunny in her new movie House Bunny. So first to point that this picture reminded me of another pink bunny i posted in the blog before... which could lead us to Galactic Centre.
A giant knitted rabbit in Italy can be seen from space by visitors to Google Earth
the pink rabbit was knitted by Gelitin, the Viennese art collective, of the 5,000 foot high Colletto Fava mountain .


Now let start for the moment synching first with one movie which may have not anything to do with Anna banana ;) -- (this cherry pies also connect her to one of my other posts)

a different a movie that everyone in the synchromystic realm is talking about.. the movie who is graded badly by general public -The Day That Earth Stood still...
I write syncing this through my personal connection because in the movie was used short footage from (my city) Belgrade street rioting and people taking over the parliament building in so called Bulldozer Revolution... Oct 5 2000.. event probably connected with start of millenium ritual.. 2k

This Serbian parliament building have some green sphere looking cone tops ... probably masonic stuff...
Original project design for this building...was from the man named Konstantin Jovanovic.... KJ.... JC resonator.

movie ________________________________reality
Movie TV channel reporting is number 21... pointing to the 21 12 2012.

Of course other Jesus Christ resonators in this movie were -Kenau Reeves, Jennifer Connely, John Cleese...and Kyle Chandler.
In one of mine blog posts,i was mentioning there actor Kyle Chandler who in this movie was that government guy who held experiments on GORT giant robot... KC is 2k or rather another Christ resonator... He was in one shortlived TV series that aired in 2001 - What about Joan - together with Joan Mary Cusack sister of John Cusack yet another JC. J.Cusack will star in movie - "2012" interesting !

Here in this pic (you can see it in the first scene of opening credits) is something like Snow Globe synching with giant Orb sphere from the movie, and also the as "cimi" pointed out in the 9/11 thread OKAMA -S.Park/ OZ game sphere , of course masonic checkerboard floor in the beginning.

this is synced with emerald city of OZ.. so Orb is OZ


This poster says TESS- which reminds of the Tessie song, which syncs with Nessie monster from Lochness, also thanks to Hidden Dakini ( who is now being persecuted on plant charges, and cops came to her place at the same date Dec 12... you can read more about US police terror and government bullshit on the plant loving people here.. Freedom for Jenn&Ben! or Joan - as she sync herself to Joan of OzArk.)
She is JC.. like Jennifer Connelly...

Could Connelly be a Cone head ?! The three pillars of masonic tracing board and pyramids of giza.

Next, there was a talk about the upcoming movie "Watchmen" and Smiley Faces in the Sync forum ,,

and the movie called "Smiley Face" starring Anna Faris..

and we see her below octagonal structure/ octagonal stargate..


Anna Faris character Jane F. is also standing above circled Z / OZ... (no pic ) in the yellow Ferris wheel... strange sync Ferris wheel and Anna Faris?!

And from beginning of the movie she syncs in with A and Z letters ... Shortly before watching this movie I was reading a article about Anna Lindh (Swedish foreign affairs minister) and Zoran Djindic(Serbian prime minister) ZOran both were 2003, their names begins with A and Z. Annas murderer was M.M. and victim died in the 9/11/2003...

AZ maybe synchs with Boaz and Jachin pillars... maybe with these politician murders somebody bizarrily is trying to write a name to rebuild the Solomons temple.


OZ could be for Osiris or maybe Ozymandias -- from the comics Watchman.
This guy face seems to me looks like murdered Serbian prime minister...ZOran


As i mentioned above Smiley gate movie was very synchromistic ..with Ferris and Faris bunny riding on it...
[millenium-wheel-london.jpg] __
the wheel syncs with the London Eye - millenium wheel and the girl (Anna) in red who travels to get on time, syncs with China ceremony red double decker bus or red phone booth gate, and red Communist manifesto stealing and dispersing.
Pink and Red lights are all over the London lately...

Now, Anna/ the red cat-lion in the comics is called
Bubastis a city was a center of worship for the feline goddess Bast .
Bastet is an ancient solar and war goddess. After some googling i found she is synced with Isis thus Sirius... in the comics picture standing beside Orion... also Isis is compared in some sources with Venus -- nevertheless Jane was trying to make it to Venice gathering :ganja: But at the end she was arrested and sentenced to community service. (Will the same sentencing destiny await Jenn /HD ..we will wait and see.)
Bastet and Anna ..aren't they the same... I think they are!

FarIS -- IsIS--- FerrIS wheel in London is the stargate to SirIuS.

She is Isis from CanIS MajorIS the Dog /God... CannabIS
(interesting- in Serbian language Jesus is spelled ISus)

Now more evidence about the CAT and Anna Marijuana connection:

In the "House Bunny" she has a pet cat "Pooter"

Now other syncs from the movie -
Her name there us Shelley - Shell logo is connected to Venus. (In "Smiley Face" she was going to Venice festival/Venus.)
In this scene we see behind her three windows/pyramids of giza/pillars of masonic tracing board, like Sphinxs cat woman rising up, or Sirius star shining..beetween two pillars standing there beside her is Orion.

Movie starts with this octagonal gate stages pictures of her growing up leading us to the picture of the Shelly as queen Isis.

In the Playboy mansion there was of course Hugh Hefner starring.
She is having a 27 birthday party on the checkerboard floor
...also notice HELL highlighted.

She then went to stay at UCLA’s nerdiest sorority, Zeta Alpha Zeta. -- could be synced with TDTESS movie who is sent up in the Alpha Centauri star system --.. also again there are A & Z -first and last letters , same like in Smiley Face. -Alpha and Omega, full circle.

There is much more syncnificant details in this movie .. but i think this is enough for me.

Now, she starred in a lots of different movies.. One that i took a closer look was movie "Hot Chick"

Octagonal stargate, right in the film poster, Rob Schneider is wearing octagonal flower shirt. 8 gate is the very occurring theme in her movies ..Anna is leading us through this gates into coming of the cosmic consciousness..( or some evil Antichrist new age or Crowleyan eon, i will not try to seek to which way is correct, for the time ) She in this movie also is driven in the yellow vw beetle as Raybeam have found them they are mistically apearing in lots of movies, and of course the BHS -Bees octagonal gate (discovered by Goro Adachi)

She is here standing in front of yellow Octagonal Gate... again.

She seems always to wear a pink color... here she has a Flamingo bird picture on the shirt.. what is the meaning.. i read flamingos stand on one leg ..She is about bringing oneness of cosmic consciousness.

In this picture we see again the three ..referencing the pyramids of Giza/three masonic pillars...

Next pictures are again CAT /lion/2k- resonance theme surrounding Anna.. as i above written.. she is Bastet...

Zebra skin -masonic colors gate.. together with rainbow shirt.. and Rasta man, she is holding and being fascinated by this thing,a flute ?-- resonating Pan-- see the Blob.

In this screenshot from "Hot Chick"she is standing near number 20, also in the Playboy cover below--- what it could mean-- maybe year 2012 -not sure...

Playboy in this conspiracy could play big role - thinking of "Illuminatus Trilogy"

In other of her movies there are certainly more syncnificant gates and cats, but i dont have time to look for it , and i must admit that watching a lot of A.F could be pretty annoying to ones mind, she is not exactly my type of ideal women, but i would still fuck her... ok i am being to casual here.. So reason why i named her Fuckis (beside playboy obvious reference) is to get more attention to this post of potential readers :))... , but Siriusly as i read the latest Blob about Scarlet Dragon.... i notice she could be FuckISis...
Her last name Man-Force --And the Red lion beast from family crest.. easily could connect her to the Scarlet woman - Babalon work, and the beast.

The faris surname comes from the Scottish surname MacFergus, which means "son of Fergus," which is in turn derived from the Gaelic personal name "Fearghus," composed of the elements "fear," meaning "man," and "gus," meaning "vigour" or "force." This Gaelic name was found early in both Ireland and Scotland.

letter F = 6

Something strange, appealing and very sinchromistic.. is about AF, maybe she is more stronger queen then Robin Tuney and Alyson Hannigan.
I will from now on, like Jake had made Robin, make Anna some kind of synchromistic star queen, or my muse.. especially when my current muse Jenn is out of the game for the time .
Jake Kotze blog about A. H. is crossing with mine writing about A.F . Also i am noticing Secret Sun wrote about Ferris wheel.

Ferris wheel IS Iron Maiden a famous british Heavy Metal band.
Iron Maiden were formed on Christmas Day 1975, by bassist Steve Harris, shortly after he left his previous group, Smiler. (a Smiley Face movie wink)

Frontman of the band Bruce Dickinson is connected to A.Crowley/Sirius , he also writen screenplay for movie about A.C.-- Chemical Wedding.
A pink/purple ?! suit from the film..


The word Friends seems also revolves a lot around her...
almost all the movies that i recall she was talking about friends and movie was about friendship.. or keeping us together all as one.
-She was in the movie Just Friends
-In the Hot Chick.. she is saying to the Rob.S that they are the bestest friends.
-I remembered her from the Scary movie 2 when she is singing a song Friends Forever Graduation Song (Friends Forever)- Vitamin C
- House Bunny is about friendship...

My instinct tells me that she also connected to Anna Frank.. there is probably some conspiracy about her, although i didn't yet search for the connections there.

So we have Friends ,Fuck,Ferris,(Frank,Jane F)...and probably more number of the Anna(Grace) Faris (Man Force) is 666 :)

In the Scary Movies there is lot of synching to do.. but for now one thing that i think is relevant is in Scary Movie 4 - where we see a parody of SAW --which i was mentioning in my previous posts.

A.F. a Sirius resonator,and same like Kenau Reeves DogStar band...had their unique connection of being the One
We have Anna Faris in "Matrix" spoof -in this (deleted- not sure) scene from Scary Movie 3. we see her identified as the One...Her Scary Movie name is Cindy Campbell
the ONe is 2K.

in this scene you could see an octagon shapes... And, hmm, funny.. the shoe throwing...(Bush-Iraq wink)

At work Cindy looks through various pictures of lighthouses and finds the one in the tape, but she leaves the tape behind and her boss grabs it. Cindy arrives at the lighthouse where she meets The Architect (George Carlin) who tells her the real story of Tabitha and how the killer tape got out in the world ---
Welcome to the age of Aquarius....



aferrismoon said...

Cheers for your comment

With the P and F interchangeable connecting Paris H. [ the Air-S] doesn't seem to far.

In hebrew which only gives 'long' vowels characters I think ferris, faris and paris could all be spelt
the same. Have to check it out.

Farsi [ persian] - could be an Iran meme


D7 said...

Thank you for the comment, Paris surely fit in the pink, bunny Isis/Sirius theme..
and she was with Hugh Hefner...

Link to the Sync forum


The Secret Sun said...

Anna Faris is also in Lost in Translation, which is a wonderful movie. Interesting parallel- The Dictys analog in the new X Files movie is called Christian Fearon, another name which has its root in ferrous, or Iron.

aferrismoon said...

The Flamingo is used by Alice to play croquet in Alice In Wonderland
Also maybe the Flute is to do with the 'masonic' composition by Mozart - the Magic Flute

Stesti Novy Rok

D7 said...

Thanks you both for the comments... i forgot to check out the messages in last days. Interesting points there, i will try to watch again Lost in Translation, hate watching same movie twice, but i have to fallow this one iron maidens road.

Happy New Year!
or in serbian- Srecna nova godina!