October 21, 2008

Pink Rays & Red Green Family

Pink color was in the news lately- many times.. that was signal to for me to look for synchronicities.... and again in this one like in the last posts it's connected to Crowley and Baseball.

First there was news about this Giant Pink Bunny ;)


Could this bunny that have maked news in many countries.. point out to galactic center..

A giant knitted rabbit in Italy can be seen from space by visitors to Google Earth

The 200-foot-long toy rabbit lies on the side of the 5,000 foot high Colletto Fava mountain in northern Italy's Piedmont region.

The pink rabbit was knitted by
Gelitin, the Viennese art collective, as an outdoor sculpture for people to climb on, sleep on, and generally play with.

It is made of soft, waterproof, materials and is stuffed with straw.

Gelatin say it was "knitted by dozens of grannies out of pink wool"

Well looks like it GC

Day later Kety Perry fall on the pink creamed cake.. the pink was everywhere.

The pink cake is looking red cos of the lights.. it synchs with the tower from Olympic Beijing Ceremony ... so clearly connects to the fall of the Babel.... and Whore of the Babylon


And the number 15 is keep on appearing....?!
http://entertainment.timesonline.co.uk/ ... 961805.ece
Katy Perry's cake catastrophe at MTV Latin American Awards

The American singer, 23, who recently ruffled feathers with lipgloss lesbian anthem I Kissed A Girl, finished her routine at the 15th MTV Latin American Awards in Mexico face down in the remains of the award show’s anniversary cake.

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/ar ... -cake.html

The pink light in the sky over London ?!
Let there be light: The pink clouds drift over London

This news was synching with the Pink and bunny ... and me.. because the arrested are Serbs. 8-)

Two suspected members of the notorious Pink Panther gang of jewel thieves have been arrested in Monaco after one was involved in a car crash.

The gang are believed to have carried out an international campaign of theft, pocketing more than £77m in jewels from around the world.
A 27-year-old Serbian man and Bosnian national named as Dusko Poznan, 30, are in custody after a police officer identified one of them from an Interpol photograph.

The international police body said one man was arrested in hospital after the crash on Wednesday, and the second after that.
The gang got their name after members hid a diamond ring worth several hundred thousand pounds in a jar of face cream in 2004.

That was the same method used in the first Pink Panther film in 1975 starring Peter Sellers as the bungling Inspector Clousseau.

The bunny synch is in the name of the guy - Dusko.. which was always the name in Serbian cartoon for the Bugs Bunny - Dusko Dugousko (Dushko LongEar)

His Pink Star on Walk of Fame.. could be connected to the Colletto Fava Giant Bunny... and the GCenter
Or it maybe is pointing to the Pink Ray and Sirius... Valis.

In the one Serbian site with that arrest news came this picture, it reminds me on Sahasrara chakra picture.

Sahasrara, placed above the head crown, with 1000 petals. In the oriental literature, it is known "the supreme center of contact with God".

It also synchs with the Rosseta Stone....Rosseta Spacecraft

And just to add to this thread.. White rabbit synchs at the time

In above's news I have bolded the number 77..
The Pepsi Power Stacks look like some ritualistic center, the stargate GCenter - CC , the top part (as i see it) has 7 sticks on one side and 7 on the other... so it gives 77 !

So, Aleister Crowley is embeded in the celebrating Reds strikes and runs.. those round screens equal the pentagram book of the famous AC picture.. and magick celebratory hands in the air the top 7...
The two Bush's opened and pitched the G.A.Park - the descendant of Babalon Working theory.
all that is taking place in the Sin Sin City.. the birth place of Charles Manson.
Are those a White rabbits on the pic... think they are also Sirius is connected to AC.


http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/c ... park_2.jpg

More synchs about baseball etc... here
http://dscanner.blogspot.com/2008/09/cm ... ruise.html

Now, when I hear mention of Ohio in my Mind first comes Family Ties series

We see in the first scene the green and the paintbrushing in red the shirt of Meredith Ann Baxter


Baxter was married three times. Her first marriage was to Robert Lewis Bush in 1966; they had two children before divorcing in 1971.

This leads me to the point of this post.. and that is FAMILY TIES of the Ohio/Bush/Crowley...

http://cannonfire.blogspot.com/2006/04/ ... h-and.html

Barbara Bush, we now more certainly might say the daughter of the "great beast" and Pauline Pierce.

Pauline is according to this from Ohio.
W magazine once described her as "beautiful, fabulous, critical, and meddling" and "a former beauty from Ohio with extravagant tastes"...

Rumors that Pauline had an affair with Dwight D. Eisenhower have never been verified... Still, gossip tabloids from the '40s often associated her with prominent men in politics and film.

So, we should take a watch on the son and daughter of Meredith for possible another Moonchild lineage of Alestair/Bush.
# Ted Bush - Son
# Eva W. Bush - Daughter

Here we see :arrow:

Barbara earing resembling the Order of Silver Star -Argenteum Astrum. - Sirius on that masonic pyramid eye cap of Crowleys picture. (She is another BB like in the post below linked to the 9/11)

And back to the tv series - the Family is tied to the DogStar/Sirius people by the end credits of the show...
"Sit, Ubu, sit! Good dog!" you remember it if you watched it, very weird...


This was later parodied in an episode of Robot Chicken, where Seth Green shouted, "Sit, Ubu, sit! Bad dog!" Seth proceeds to shoot Ubu.

Sit and Seth - Egyptian god Set which is said to be Sirius.

What is the connection of Rosetta probe and Sirius.. , maybe theory of origin of world... Sirius B.. explosion.

"The Order of the Silver Star is thus the Order of the Eye of Set, 'the Sun behind the Sun.' ...The Silver Star is Sirius."
- Kenneth Grant, Aleister Crowley and the Hidden God

"Kenneth Grant, one of Crowley's closest associates in the Ordo Templi Orientis, repeatedly links Crowley with Sirius and seems to be hinting that the 'Holy Guardian Angel' contacted by Crowleyan mind-expansion techniques is a denizen of Sirius. J.G. Bennett, one of the closest of George Gurdjieff's associates, also tells us of coded references to Sirius in Gurdjieff's writings. Sufi historian Indries Shah traces the name of the Illuminati back to a verse in the Koran which mentions a shining star, and Crowley's alternative name for the Illuminati was the Order of the Silver Star (Argentum Astrum)."

- Robert Anton Wilson, Cosmic Trigger

Now news from 17 Oct 2008 about Putin and his black dog

Photo Image

MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin's black labrador dog, Koni, Friday was given a collar that will allow her master to track her movements by satellite.

Putin interrupted a meeting of officials who were discussing the virtues of the Russia's new satellite global positioning system GLONASS to monitor cattle and wild animals.

"Can I use it for my dog?,"

are 21 sattelites, the Tarot major arcana has that number of cards, not counting Fool, sattelites synchs with Valis pink ray.
According to Philip K. Dick, VALIS is an artificial intelligence from a network of satillites originating in Sirius that "used 'pink laser beams' to transfer information and project holograms on Earth and to facilitate communication between an extra terrestrial species and humanity."

Now to the the baseball, American and National league finals had the Red Sox vs Tampa Bay Rays.. and LA vs Philladelphia...

Phillies won the their deciding game on 10.15.2008... in these days i had noticing a lot of the red green syncs, thus Red Sox in that period had maked the comback in the series, their mascot is Wally the Green monster... and red Phillies mascot is also green the Phanatic.. but then pink color came to the power..or better say blue wich somehow more helped Rays to win the series.. which are blue team with Raymond Ray as mascot who is a Sea cow,
now what does this mean, it seems there are some ruling colors of the "spectra".. which influence the gaming results... I think the pink in the news was the phase pointing out on crossing of color ruling - the pink ray of diamond in the sky spacecraft and satellite Russian GLONASS blue mushroom logo..with the dog(star sirius), news on the 20th
or katy perry ritually destroying the red color cake spectrum phase thus resonating the blue revival.
or psilocybin cubensis blue vishnu influence came to power high.. after amanita, agaric reached his low.
psilocybin could become bluish pinkish - bruise, Raymond in this picture is looking pinkish.
Also we have this album poster from 2001 band Gamma Ray - No world order. its splits in half red and blue?!
Anyway, one is for sure - the red AManita magic was gone in that deciding game... as one RS player stated after the end.
http://www.usatoday.com/sports/baseball ... htm?csp=34
Reality hits young Red Sox: 'We just ran out of magic' and the magic of blue rays came into force...:idea:

So now the finals -
Rays were called till 2007 T.B.Devil Rays... and they have the "diamond" field in the logo.
Masonic game of baseball with its diamond shape field....

Phillies have the mascot named Phanatic.. so it's= Pan... or pantherine..(Muscimol (Agarin, Pantherine)) or connects with Philip Dick and Pink Ray, their home uniform is pink , diamond mushroom logo.
The Rosseta spacecraft has the Philae_lander....
also Phanatic mascot has a Red star on his back...

Red Green Wally is showing us here the where to look- as above so below...
Image:Wally the green monster.jpgImage
http://images.townnews.com/thesunchroni ... /news5.jpg

Wally the Green Monster is the official mascot for the Boston Red SoxMajor League Baseball team. His name is derived from the Green Monster nickname of the 37-foot wall in left field at Fenway park.

According to the Red Sox promotions department, Wally was a huge Red Sox fan who decided to move inside the left field wall of Fenway Park since it "eats up" hits that would easily be home runs at other parks in 1947. Apparently, he was very shy and lived the life of a hermit for 50 years. On the 50th anniversary of the Green Monster in 1997, he came out of the manual scoreboard and has been interacting with players and fans ever since.

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