May 16, 2009

Hidden behind the Beard Gate

This post is related to thread about Isis head openning revealing the hidden 11 pointed star.. Sirius gate...

Neo, the One... will show us where to look for the key to hidden star, he has the new movie to be filmed !

Keanu Reeves is Mr. Jekyll

The 44-year-old Matrix star is in talks to play the split-personality character Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Universal’s retelling of the Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic will be modernized and given a more ‘horror’ twist thanks to critically-acclaimed Pan’s Labyrinth director Guillermo del Toro.


If this new movie names synchs are true cosmic resonators - it seems for sure that something hidden and lost will be found and revealed.

As the name of the new movie from Antonio Banderas points to stars The Big Bang
Antonio Banderas Theorizes The Big Bang

Antonio Banderas is switching up his genre of expertise a bit by agreeing to star in The Big Bang, a neo-noir detective story.

Antonio Banderas for The Big Bang

To be directed by Tony Krantz off a script by Erik Jendersen, The Big Bang will have Banderas star as an L.A. private detective who's hired to find a missing stripper. The trail leads to the New Mexico desert, where the private eye finds a trail of bodies and contends with a brutal Russian boxer, three LAPD detectives and an aging billionaire looking to perfect the nuclear physics equivalent of the Big Bang.

As you can tell, there will be a lot going on; a symptom of any confusing detective story.

The film will be the first feature for Krantz, with production set to begin this September. Best of luck!


^ BWR pic ... and the site name "Can Mag" sounds strange..

If you look here the other pics.. we see in the background the bicycle "gate", the pink (code)...
and KeAnu wears the red NIKE shoes... (nike /saturn ring/ cronos/ god of time)
the Pope wears red shoes.
couple days ago there was a news of some trouble when Pope Benedict in Middle Eastern visit to Amman, Jordan entered the mosque in the shoes (which is forbidden by Islam law) Didnt find the news on the American sites, just Serbian.


Red shoes are pointing to OZ, and is this something to connect to Ophichous...

There is 11 bars behind him here..

Image (click to enlarge)

Also something important in the Keanu picture as i see it the breaking from the CUBE , the squares behind - pieces shattered... as ONE is out from the mind prison... matrix.

Something similar to the recent episode of South Park - Pinewood Derby weird final scene:


The episode is about alien visit, they created this cube to block humans.. accension ) Other recent episodes have some interesting syncs.. and funny too :-) , the episode Eat, Pray, Queef.. with 2k synchs, and Fishsticks episode which points to the some Heartbreak .
its the album of Kanye West (similar to Key and KEanu) born June 8, 1977 Atlanta Georgia
In this episode the spoof of his song
The song was performed for the first time at the ONE Campaign concert during the 2008 Democratic National Convention in Denver, Colorado.[4] The song was also performed at a T.I. concert at Key Club in Los Angeles

Released November 4, 2008
photo from his video

Fishsticks joke might connect to Ouroboros self eating snake... maybe the end of the Pisces.
Jimmy works on writing jokes for his comedy routine while Cartman sits on his couch, eating potato chips. Jimmy comes up with a joke with hardly any assistance from Cartman:
A: Do you like fishsticks?
B: Yes.
A: Do you like putting fishsticks in your mouth?
B: Yes.
A: Then what are you, a gay fish?
The joke becomes a hit throughout South Park. When Cartman begins taking half credit for the joke, Kyle tells Jimmy he should stand up to Cartman. When Jimmy tells Cartman he feels he wrote most of the joke, Cartman fears Jimmy will try to take full credit and asks Kyle for advice on how to "out-Jew" Jimmy. Kyle instead suggests that Cartman's ego is so big that he subconsciously remembers things incorrectly to make himself more important. This is supplemented by Cartman's flashbacks to the creation of the joke, which become more overblown and ridiculous as the episode goes on, ending with Cartman believing he not only created the joke himself, but slew a dragon, defeated an army of "Jew robots", and has powers similar to the Human Torch.

The Kanye, Keanu and Antonio are all having the beards now...???

Also the last South Park episode named Fatbeard... the Cartman, Somalia piracy spoof.

Fat and Bearded is this guy too..

In my country these days in the news is often a SHOE, the Eurovision song contest finals will be held at weekend in Moscow.. and our representative's song there is called The Shoe (this song election made many people angry.. bc is silly song and nobody heard before for the band, and some regularity of voting issues were mentioned a lot). The singer Marko Kon (funny haired person - pic above) is MK - MC .. and he is half Jewish.. which make things some more suspicous (not that i claim that the Jews are evil.. just all the conspiracy things around them..)

The newest photo of the band which is kind of pink.. but more i would say Violet..

The name Marco seems to point somewhere... Also maybe the arc = rak= cancer. Maybe Eurovison Song is not so important , its music for sheeple people, but it might have some strong ritual synchnificance...since is heavily popularised around Europe so i will take watch for the winner.
MC performs together with accordion bearded musician (the band was eliminated in the semifinals) but the crown chakra oppening ritual was performd.
(Love Live Leave)

And the winner of the Eurovision Song contest was Norway's Alexander Rybak with catchy song Fairytale. more in the forum... His win and this photo of below could point to Crown Chakra opening.. or to the North Pole , eskimos the gates of hollow earth entrance, pole shift craft arrivals... his first letters are AR.

Rhode Island flag synchs to pink- a synch posted by the forum user H2Ohexagon
Sometimes Isis is depicted with a halo of stars. There are 13 stars on the Rhode Island flag. Rhode Island had Americas first freemason lodge at 1658. They are in great supply even now.

It's said that many of words in Serbian language originate from Sanskrit...
so.. the word for Anchor is Sidro ... which is similar to Siddartha. Isis / Sirius .

Rhode is Rode/ DNA chain/caduceus/staff of Hermes, Rod of Asclepius/ Ophichous 13, Snakes... As we see in the nowest Jake Kotze blog : ... vents.html


Isis foot above the chain and anchor.. therefore could be the shoes syncs i wrote earlier.. pointing to GC.
In Serbian ROD connects to genesis (and means genus, born, kind, tribe, sex, harvest, crop) Rod is also in Slavic mythology first creator God.
Word Roda is a Stork ( the child bearer)
...i been thinking.. if Rod is pink..and Red is Red, then NEW is red and NOW is pink. Serbian word RED means row,queue,rank, my turn, order (as in NWO) it synchs with chain/DNA straigthened, changed.. accsended. Okay, enough with Serbian language lessons...
lets now learn Swedish :-) From my friend from synchforum raybeam
"Swedish for Amanita Muscaria is röd flugsvamp. Red meaning red. Flug meaning fly (the insect) according to mainstream beliefs..
According to more esoteric and psychedelic interpretation flug derives from flyg which means to fly.
Flyg can also refer to an airplane, "ta ett flyg"="to catch an airplane"."

So, the anchor is connected to rode

The fatbeardhaiered singer of the shoe song i mantioned above resonate Isis / Sirius gate.Marko Kon - it's 8 letters !

:ganja: isis head - arc knoW ?!


Now Wheel of Dharma has the three turns

Same three ladies with key in pink ribbon in a Masonic Tracing board stairway/rod to the star... Sirius...


The basic content and audience of the three turnings of the wheel can be summarized as follows:

First Turning

The first turning is traditionally said to have taken place at Deer Park in Sarnath near Varanasi in northern India near Nepal, to an audience of shravakas. It consisted of the teaching of the Four Noble Truths (Sanskrit: catva-ry a-ryasatya-ni) and the other elements of the Tripitaka – the Abhidharma, Sutrapitaka and Vinaya. The Abhidharma referred to is the Abhidharma Pitaka of the Sarvastivada sect, which is a later composition not taught by the Buddha, and contains philosophy which is antithetical to the early teachings.

Second Turning

The second turning is said to have taken place at Vulture Peak Mountain in Rajagriha, in Bihar, India. The audience comprised bodhisattvas; in some telling there were also shravaka arhats there as well, who promptly had heart attacks and died from the shock of the new teachings. In the second turning, the emphasis is on emptiness (Skt: s'u-nya-ta) as epitomized in the Prajnaparamita sutras, and on compassion (Skt: karun.a-). These two elements are the primary constituents bodhicitta, the epitome of the second turning. The Madhyamika school that Nagarjuna founded arose from his exegesis of the early texts and is included under the second turning. Nagarjuna attacked the metaphysics of the Sarvastivada sect and a sect which broke away from it called Sautrantika, and promoted the classical emphasis on the dependent arising of phenomena of the early texts.

Third Turning

The third turning was also delivered to an audience of bodhisattvas in Shravasti and other Indian locations (e.g. in Kusinagara, to Bodhisattvas and onlooking Buddhas, in the Mahaparinirvana Sutra) – or even in transcendental Buddhic realms (in the Avatamsaka Sutra). The focal point of the third turning is Buddha nature and particularly the Tatha-gatagarbha doctrine. This was elaborated on in great detail by Maitreya via Asanga in the Five Treatises of Maitreya, which are also generally grouped under the third turning. The Yogachara school reoriented later refinements, in all their complexity, so as to accord with the doctrines of earliest Buddhism.

Fourth Turning

The Huayen school of Chinese Buddhism considered the Tatha-gatagarbha doctrine a fourth turning, with the third turning comprising only the Yogachara school. In addition, Vajrayana schools sometimes refer to tantra as the "fourth turning."

The pictures above reminds me to the Anemone word that was used in the Therion song Lemuria... which i posted here.. Does anyone knowes anything about this strange plant /animal... ? the song refers to the Sea Anemone , the most probably.
Ane -mone.. Annubis.. sirius gate.. Mone.. mother Isis, moon goddess?!


Image Image Image Image

Some familiar shapes in Anemone anatomy ...

The Sea Anemone is very closely related to coral; neither has a skeleton. They are found everywhere in the oceans, at all depths, but there are a lot in the coastal waters. They have different colors: reds, pinks, and yellows, and resemble flowers when feeding and their many extensions, called tentacles, are fully open. They vary in sizes too! Some might be small in size and the others might be tall in size.

On this site about Sea Anemone, I found the Red C.. that J.Kotze was emphasizing and Seeing often as great goddess mother breast nipple. It's a PC game..

Pink and green lady as a wink to Masonic Tracing Baord, also related - in the game when you enter tutorial you can find the shell like yellow eight rayed underwater restoraunt at the underwater base construction (couldn't get the screennshoot...)

There is animated japanese series called EUREKA 7 and one character name is Anemone... a pink haired girl.
Eureka Seven, known in Japan as Psalms of Planets Eureka Seven


There is also an Anenome song , but i think this one Anemone refers to the normal earth plant.. its writen by the stranggly named "The Brian Jonestown Massacre" band
on the album Their Satanic Majesties' Second Request.... which is connected to the infamous album of The Rolling Stones Their_Satanic_Majesties_Request
which feature one song connected to the star Aldebaran
2000 Light Years From Home

Here some conspiracy stuff about Aldebaran..!the bulls eye.

In South Park episode Pinewood Derby involved The Large Hadron Collider and CERN... and it was basically about alien contact.
Randy Marsh, determined to make sure his son Stan wins the annual state pinewood derby, slips an object into the back of the car to give it an advantage. Stan learns from a news report that the object is a superconducting magnet, stolen from the Large Hadron Collider by Randy in disguise as Princess Leia. During the finals, Randy coaxes Stan to lie to the judges and say he used only the parts in the approved pinewood derby kit. Stan wins first place when his car reaches warp speed.

Star Wars Princess Leia was from planet Alderaan which is similar to the star Aldebaran.

Also there is Anemone song by band called DARK SUNS.

Going more on funny hair sunlike stuff.. the crown chakra oppening... the Quazelcotal ..fethered serpent.. as Maya call him Kukulkan at Chichen Itza Mexico pyramid ..

Teotihuacan Feathered Serpent reminds me to MaGie Simpson. (red c )


Looking here like Isis /Mary... and she spoke for the first time in the 20 years of the show in this 20-th episode of the season.. and 440 in all... by the voice of Jodie Foster.

Maggie speaks too in a new 441 episode Coming to Homerica ..she is saying ya ya ay /ja ja ja.. with a german like ARnold Schw accent.. (the word Jaja together in my language mean eggs or testicals ) but its acctualy Norwegeian accent.. same like the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest, AR, so this is some renewal rebirth theme.

Aliester's Crowley Moonchild book cover - the same yellow 9 rays star (which Maggie hair has when look at up front) / Babalon Work ..J.Parsons...

Bart_, Lisa , Maggie

And i think that these family members, aside Homer, have the 9 "rays" in their hair... and Marge could have 9 in the neckless ..?! Marge and Lisa have the "Red" shoes.. but maybe they all are ment to have 10 or 11 (the two more impossible to see)...synching with feathered serpent of Maya/Azctec - Kukulkan / Quezequatal
so its 9 or 11 sync.

9 big steps stairways of Chichen Itza Temple... 9 number of Serpants feathers.

Lady Liberty's crown to re-open

After years of going without a view from the top deck, visitors to New York will soon be able to visit the crown of the Statue of Liberty, officials say.

US Interior Secretary Ken Salazar said the crown would re-open on 4 July, US Independence Day, during an announcement on NBC's Today programme.

The entire statue was put off limits to the public following the attacks of 11 September 2001.

The Statue of Liberty, April 2009

Anyway, if we dont find the answer yet in some grand invoking conspiracy of the alien contact, Atlantis rising , maybe the movie Waking Life end scenes should shed some light and answers on what is going on.. ( i noticed this video in Accidental Alchemist blog , it is good to be reminded of this speech again)


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