November 12, 2008

Belgrade Tower(s) KK

The date of writing this post is November 12. ... it's birthday of
Charles Manson -- --happy b'day to him.

Now this is the news from 11.11.2008.
, one very synchromystical date about the event on 10.11 night

Serb who hijacked U.S. plane in 1979 dies
BELGRADE, Serbia - Nikola Kavaja, who hijacked a U.S. passenger jet in 1979 with the intention of crashing it into Yugoslav Communist Party headquarters, has died.
Kavaja claimed in a number of interviews with Serbia's newspapers that Osama bin Laden must have stolen his idea of crashing jets into tall buildings during the 9/11 attack in New York and Washington.
But terrorism experts said Tuesday they doubted his claim,...

His last name is K. and first has a K in it... if that could count synchromysticaly... he was 2k/11:11 resonator, and died on the eve of 11.11 and adding to this a 9/11 connection - it is very synchnificant event...and mirroring timeline for 2012.
But more striking thing - this tower (ex headquarters of communist party) is 2k... it was called here - CK (Central Commitee). This Belgrade tower today has HYPO (bank) neon blue light sign on top... it is clearly some kind of stargate...

During the US led NATO monstrous bombings in 1999 building was damaged by plane missile...and their target in there were TV stations with K sounding names:
Kosava,Sos Kanal,BKTV,Pink. (talk about freedom of media speech?!)
Image Image

ok. i am just showing the towers lately in my posts, because i am sick of watching pictures of New York Twin Towers all the time, there are others too. ;)

Christmas day 2008 :idea:

Plans exist for a second twin building, construction should be complete by 2010.

This American company is part investor in this buildings, it has a bull logo..., i don't excatly know what could this signify...maybe a zodiac sign.. nevertheless they are much suspicious.
Merrill Lynch & Co.

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