November 4, 2008

MK Saw 5 Walls

I was talking in the previous posts about the date Oct. 29.. as one highly influential date...nothing globaly big didn't happend...and that if you are not counting the 215 dead in earthquake in pakistan.. and Phillies winning the world series against Rays. In this post it all over again synchs with baseball and Saw movies.

Phillies won deciding delayed game 5 with the score 4-3 to take the 'world' series..

Quote: ... pions.html

After 28 years, and two days of waiting for the rain to stop so that Game 5 of the World Series could resume, the wait is over.

The Phillies are the champions.

Pedro Feliz singled in pinch-runner Eric Bruntlett with the tiebreaking run in the seventh inning, and Brad Lidge finished up a perfect year out of the bullpen by closing in the ninth to lift the Phillies to a 4-3 victory over the Tampa Bay Rays tonight at Citizens Bank Park.

The Phillies won all three games at the Bank to clinch the best-of-seven series, four games to one, and win their first World Series title since 1980. The fourth victory was the most difficult since the game had been suspended Monday night because of a cold, windblown rain after 51/2
innings with the score tied at 2.

The Phillies reminds me on Michael Phelps swimmer of Olympics...

Previously writings about baseball and also Saw the first movie release of Oct. 29.
seems that fit with the signs pointing to Philadelphia Phillies...winning. ... re=related

At the end play Phillies pitcher number 54 Lidge striked out the Rays 32 (5)
this pic has his hands like V / Saw sequel 5 ...realesed on 24.Oct


So about the movie comes with lots of cubic traps.. boxes, throat slayed, beheadings.. has mention of guy named Seth--
At the end the walls closing in and smashing the detective... and that actor Scott Patterson was born on the September 11, 1958 in the ..... guess where....... Philadelphia, Pennsylvania !!!

Their mascot Phanatic... must be a Pan resonator...

Phillies eliminated previosly Wally the Green Monster - mascot of the Red Sox... who didn't make it to the world series, on the they reached the wall, and were stoped by Blue devil ray.
as above so below

This SAW 5film synchs with movie Wall-E,
This robot WALL-E is not only like Johnny 5...


but he also looks like the robot from the 80's series...

Benji, Zax & the Alien Prince

Image Image

Zax was the robot-droid. In the script there is galactic tyrant Zenu..
maybe its connected to Xenu and Scientology.

And most important connection - Johnny 5 and WALL - E as we found before V=5=E that all leads to SAW 5 released October 24.

If you turn your head left-down.. letter W in the poster becomes E...
And of course in the W you can see the Twin Towers .. 11
Billy the puppet on the trycicle.. synchs with the robot.


In the SAW movie ending scene..(spoiler up ahead;) the iron walls are closing in and crushing the Fbi agent (actor born on 9/11)... this walls are resonating the Wall-E ... now i watch only the half of the movie (it was little boring, childish so i fell asleep;) but what i have seen thus far.. the Wall-e puts the stuff in his "stomach" and in synchronistic way of that Saw wall crushing it he recycles them in the cube.
WALLE.. sounds like E-VIL :evil: and also Eve, but maybe backwards its. WALL- LOVE or LAW.. (in Serbian pronouncing WALLE equals LOVES.)

Wall-e has triangle wheels... same like Billy the puppet tricycle
You could also see Wall-e has the infamous masonic b&w arms.. and letter E is written in red.


And SAW movie is full with the cuboid traps = wall-e's cuboid body. So this two movies are lot alike!
Puzzle fitting:


Now in this ending scenes of SAW 5...lieutenant Hoffman - Costas Mandylor.. escapes that wall room in the box glass coffin - so he will be in 6th sequel next year. Costas is from Australia. He is another C.M. = MC/MK - Mind control slave.


One screenshoot from SAW --cover of magazine with mercury and jigsaw killer... (maybe below mercury is some date... i didn't get clear shoot, so if someone could find pic with better focus...)

Also worth noticing in SAW 5 there was decapitations of both hands -- which coincide with lots of other hands offings lately writen about.

So as i was mentioning Red Sox mascot Wally is Green -- and they are red team.. so strangely is same case with Phillies a red team - green mascot...

It may all be connected to the Philadelphia experiment as the final games of series were at the same 28-29 period...
The Philadelphia Experiment was an alleged naval military experiment at the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, sometime around October 28, 1943, in which the U.S. destroyer escort USS Eldridge was to be rendered invisible (i.e. a cloaking device) to human observers for a brief period. It is also referred to as Project Rainbow.

So WallE - SAW5- Phillies are likely to be creating some box cuboid teleporting/time travel stargate...Saw original air date Oct 29 -Philadelphia experiment Oct 29 and Phillies through cuboid stargate resurected them selves to win the champions title.

Talking about boxes i stumbled on this site... box recycling ritual.

Another cuboid from in these Halloween days is the YouTube blue/green logo... which synchs with ending of Saw5..where Tobin Bell on the tape recorder narrates - this would be forever your tomb.. So basically it reveales that YouTube is acctualy Your Tombstone and you are in the cube tomb .. oO


The blue-green
Actress Mila Kunis is known to have different eye colors.. blue/green.. :shock:Image

And synchingly i found here she talks being on the Dodgers - Phillies baseball play-off game... - i was writing on other topic about Phillies... weird.

She stars in the newly Max Payne movie.. together with Marky Whalberg. They are both 2k resonators:
Marky Mark - Mark Wahlberg --- MM / MWM (Most Worshipful Master)
Mila Kunis- Milena Markovna "Mila" Kunis -MM / MK ( Mind Kontrol- MKultra)

In other movie syncs - this one scene with
Valkyrie... looks to me much like this flag of the Holy Roman Emperor...


In the movie is constantly raining... but in the end scene ,of course, the sun comes up.
Here is the masonic checkerboard floor in the beginning scenes...

ps. i played the Max Payne pc game before.. and never could imagine those two actors to be Max and Mona.

As i am writng this on the day of 2008 presidental elections in USA ... latest media event regarding this was 11.3.2008 the death of Obama grandmother ... and her name was - Madelyn Payne Dunham ... Mad Max movie -- Max Payne -- curious things.

mirroring images of obama and billy the puppet -- b-w
poster of Saw --- movie Mirrors end hand scene...


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