February 11, 2009

Metal Maiden - Isis High


Yesterday 2. 10. 2009 was the day when one of worlds most famous metal bands continuied their world tour and their first stop in 2009 was in my city Belgrade, Serbia. The tour is called Somewhere back in time..... which is their best of 80's album. Iron Maiden is revisiting the past... and that album cover obviously synchs very much with Egyptian related conspiracies, and the turning back the time/time space travel, stargates. I was in my previous posts writing that the Iron Maiden synchs with masonic Ferris wheel in London.. resonating Sirius eye, here comes the more confirmation on that.

Somewhere Back in Time - The Best of: 1980 - 1989 is a best of album by the British heavy metal band Iron Maiden, containing a selection of songs from the first seven Iron Maiden albums. It was released in conjunction with the band's Somewhere Back In Time World Tour to allow new fans to listen to a selection of the band's material that was played on the tour.

The album cover features the Pharaoh Eddie monument from Powerslave and Cyborg Eddie from Somewhere in Time. In addition, the Iron Maiden logo is colored blue with a gold outline - the same colours used on the cover of Seventh Son of a Seventh Son.

They opened the concert as they usually do with Churchill war speech and with one of their most known songs Aces High.. which sounds to me more like Isis High.

Most songs they play on the tour is from the album Powerslave. See here for maybe some meaningful lyrics of the same named song .

In the album cover we see Ouroboros snake and lots of other known figures from occult and mythology... like two Anubis representing pillars...and so on....

You can see in this tour promotional picture the logo where the 6 band members are standing.. on the eye of Ra it has 17 rays around the pyramid... they have on the drum set this symbol of the tour too.

Same like the rays around masonic tracing board sun in the center and 17 ladder to Sirius... Number 17 was very popular around Obama 17 inoguaration synchs..... Secret Sun blog has more posts on this 17 synchs...


We see also in the picture Bruce wearing t-shirt with words Major - pointing again to Canis Major constellation .. thus Sirius/Isis... coming, or going to the.

Eye of the London-Maidens are from Great Britain ... London eye picture of fireworks... syncs with the Isis Maiden tour poster, that was all over the city and on the Arena , place of the show... The right is pic that i took, didnt find any better of the poster, this firework apeared also on the stage when mascot Eddie came up.
--- http://i43.tinypic.com/ekqk3q.jpg

Another picture that i took from Jake Kotze BNO blog is one of Isis/ Twin Towers.. which resembles the statue in front of Arena north entrance... it has two bluish twin pillars ( of solomons temple) with a"blue" Ball on top, a Basketball , it should synch with the sun-winged disc in the pic below or more likely Oreol around Isis head.

http://photos1.blogger.com/blogger/6776/3178/1600/ISIS%20small%20WTC.0.jpg - - - http://i44.tinypic.com/2rosy78.jpg

Known fact is that Bruce Dickinson head singer leader of the band, is follower of the A.Crowley, so other band songs also dealing with the lots of occult themes ....like the Number of the Beast ...7th son of the 7th son... Moonchild... etc.

This ritualistic tour.. which had started in Mubai India (where had happened that terrorist attack last year) and ends in U.S. Sunrise, Florida on the April 2 ?!

Some other pics and videos from Belgrade gig;

This interesting picture is like one that appeared on the big stage on the back, we see that Freemasonic Square and Compasses symbol on the left... I think the devil synchs with Orion or is it Sagittarius...well, never the less... galactic center opening stargate on the right.

this is setlist ... to search for something meaningful in the lyrics..
00. Intro: Doctor Doctor / Transylvania / Churchill's Speech
01. Aces High
02. 2 Minutes to Midnight
03. Wrathchild
04. Children of the Damned
05. Phantom of the Opera
06. The Trooper
07. Wasted Years
08. Rime of the Ancient Mariner
09. Powerslave
10. Run to the Hills
11. Fear of the Dark

12. Hallowed Be Thy Name
13. Iron Maiden
14. The Number of the Beast
15. The Evil That Men Do
16. Sanctuary

The band airplane in this tour is driven by the Bruce himself ..., it's named
Ed Force One.... they will play in 89 countries. They filmed movie about this tour is to come out soon , its called Flight 666 .

Ed Force OneEd Force One

Ed Force One is a wonderful customized Boeing 757 owned by the British heavy metal band Iron Maiden, used to transport the band, 60 member crew and 12 tons of equipment as they tour the world. It’s named after Iron Maiden’s infamous mummy mascot “Eddie” an


Could they be going on the path of resurrecting something or someone..maybe this mascot monster named Eddie..

could be synching with someone... he looks like Akhenaten and yet its more like .. Obama.. or is it the Arnold ....
http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_KJNpY_qE7Pg/SYB7QumAFyI/AAAAAAAADKU/RNSDlMNe0D0/s400/akhenaten.jpg---http://www.villainouscompany.com/vcblog/home/cassandr/vcblog/archives/obama_noland_poster.jpg .

http://www.starstore.com/acatalog/eddie-figure-somewhere-l.jpg --- Arnold Schwarzenegger - T3

Read here the origins of the mascot Eddie, interesting stuff !

Funny sync about Eddie the head is the Eddie Murphy's giant head I found it after a search for IM Eddie pictures. :)

Eddie Murphy Giant Head

Here are the names of 6 band members- I've no time
now to look for their name significance, also i try to keep this technical as possible without to many wild theories.
Bruce Dickinson, Steve Harris, Dave Murray, Nicko McBrain, Adrian Smith, Janick Gers

The day of the Maiden concert here , one other metal band named Kreator was scheduled to play... but they canceled the concert because of the Maidens...
We see their new album logo spiked wheel gate.., The Hordes of chaos is point to the Chaos Magic
http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/6/6b/Kreator-hoc.jpg ---Hordes Of Chaos

A word Creator is derived from egyptian god RA --

Ra was the god of the sun during dynastic Egypt; the name is thought to have meant "creative power", and as a proper name "Creator", similar to English Christian usage of the term "Creator" to signify the "almighty God." Very early in Egyptian history Ra was identified with Horus, who as a hawk or falcon-god represented the loftiness of the skies. Ra is represented either as a hawk-headed man or as a hawk.

Owing to the fact that the sun was a fire, the Egyptians realized that in order to travel through the waters of Heaven and the Underworld, it required a boat, and so Ra was depicted as traveling in a boat. During the day the boat was a great galley called Madjet ("becoming strong") and during the night, a small barge called Semektet ("becoming weak").

We see the traveling theme described in this quote... and IM airplane ( Ed Force One/EFO/UFO ) synchs with the boat... Also there is an other hard rock metal band turning the cosmic wheels of steel.. they are AC/DC.. they too are said to come in Belgrade later this year ...promoting Black Ice album... Their name AntiChrist/DevilChild as they are called by some, synching with The End scenery, and different from an air transport Maidens, they are resonating train gate to new aeon.


Black Ice cover
Octagonal stargate wheel .. with thunder breaking the gate.. the guitarist signals -as above so below... turning the small octagon wheel invoking the move of big cosmic wheel of center gate who seems to consists from 16 rays and thunder.. 17 , so if this is connected to Obama, it could be pointing to some bad happening to him or some symbolic black ice breaking.

The album songs.

"Rock 'n' Roll Train"
"Skies on Fire"
"Big Jack"
"Anything Goes"
"War Machine"
"Smash 'n' Grab"
"Spoilin' for a Fight"


Back to the maidens , this is one synchromystical picture which could perhaps tell of that horn hand sign which people do at concerts.. it could acctualy sync with Anubis Jackal-dog faced egyptian god, the keeper of the gates.


Giant sculpture of Egyptian god floats up Thames
Anubis in London

but on the other hand since this IM above pic already have dogs- Canis M/ Lions-Leo/the Lepus may fit with Rabbit constellation.. or some other big ears or horned stars creature like Taurus Bull.. :) but i'll bet on Anubis.

And to add here synchs about Anubis child actress AnnaSophia Robb connection to Isis/Sirius about her i wrote a lot in the forum http://synchromysticismforum.com/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=575
She could sync the Powerslave album which connects her to Anubis through name Robb which could be translated through Serbian language as a slave - Rob.
Another Anna - Faris is probably the other resonating Anubis keeper of the pyramid gates of Isis unveiled .

When i talking about movies one should mention the Iron Man movie which has a scene of him flying near one ferris wheels . It takes iron man to unlock iron maiden.


skrambo said...

Amazing. Unfortunately, I haven't seen Maiden in concert yet. Interesting sync here, a friend of mine from atlanta who plays in a very Iron Maiden-ish band went to Texas to see this tour, he is from Croatia. He told me that the song Blood Brothers from Brave New World is about the Knights Templar. Another thing, he's a Sagittarius and his brother is a Scorpio. Two pointers of Galactic Center!

I always figured there was an occult influence in IM's music. Isis High, that is awesome. Great song... Powerslave and Seventh Son are my two favorite cds of theirs, Piece of Mind as well.

We are hearing the rime of the ancient mariner...

D7 said...

Thanks for the comment, i'll put your blog now in the links.
7 son of the 7 son , is my favorite song and cd from them too and it partly influenced my blogs name ;). They didnt play it at tha day, anyway, templars and Crowleyan influence is obvious.. The Trooper single album cover has embedded hidden message.. TT =77


The Secret Sun said...

Very interesting indeed. It's amazing how they've outlasted nearly all of their contemporaries and are still going strong. I'm sure their interest in the Symbols has a lot to do with it.

Great work.

D7 said...

And thank you for the comment....
You need to go to see that Sunrise,Florida place and witness the miracle ;) ,last tour date is in Bank Atlantic Center, home of the PANthers hockey team.
See the picture ! ;)

(about my avatar that you mentioned in your comments i will see to modify it.. but probably i will stick with CM as my MasCot.. at least until 2012.)

Unknown said...

Aces are high in a Royal Flush, fitting the Egyptian Royalty theme. And they are low in the lowest straight possible (ace thru 5), called the Wheel (fitting the london eye theme). In the picture with all 6 band members standing before Eddie the Mummy, who is Eddie pointing his gun at? It might foreshadow something in a Paul-is-dead sort-of way. :D

The Iron Maiden is a steel coffin with spikes in it used to kill people who practiced magic or whatever the Church didn't like. Here's some anagrams of the name:

"damion rein" (anti-christ's name in The Omen, so = "rein of the anti-christ")

"dame in noir" (lady in black = isis mourning for osiris?)

"i rain demon" (it's raining cats and dogs.. and demons!)

"iron man die" (death of the iron age, resurrection of the golden age, the once and future king - Edward the Great!)

D7 said...

I greatly appreciate your comment ViolatoR.. very good observations.
Steve Harris with ray gun pointed at his head/crown has its name derived from the "crown"..as i find in http://toolonginthisplace.blogspot.com/2009/02/mil-lion-man.html
and last name could sync with Horus and even ISis.

Also i read your latest blog.. excellent stuff there..really amazing revelations..i must read it once again and looking forward to the next post.

Atareye said...

Cool imagery! Looking forward to more. I like the vibe here.

Peace AA

D7 said...

thanks for the comment ..I'm putting your AA blog in the links too... o)