October 10, 2008

Cherry pie Slayer of 9/11

The year 1990 was 11 before
the year 2001.. the year of 9/11. (September 11.is the 111 day before the end of the year. And 2001 is 11 years before end of the world 2012 or better say according to the calendar of Mayans.)
On the 11.9 1990. in the music scene a certain albums were realased.
This post will point out to some synchromystic or even ritualistic coincidences referencing the 9/11.

First one important to us is from
band Warrant the album and song Cherry Pie was released on 9/11 1990
“Cherry Pie” coverCherry Pie cover

Here is the b&w red themed video.. there is cherry swinging at the guy in end scene

They also had a hit song top in Billboard charts I Saw Red , it's was pointing us to the bloodshed....... video is b&w red, of course!

Third song from the album was named Uncle Tom's Cabin --hm, well .. it points to Tom Cruise, as i was in earlier posts connecting him to 9/11, through the Top Gun.. and $cientology.

Second album that was released 11 years before the 9/11 was soundtrack from the Twin Peaks series... the most popular song was the Julee Cruise - Falling ...
She has the last name of Tom Cruise... and Falling is invoking fall of WTC.

in 1:56... the bird is flying to something that resembles the towers,
A debut episode of the series was on April 8, 1990

Another event on that day in 1990 was
1990 - U.S. President George H. W. Bush delivers a nationally televised speech in which he threatens the use of force to remove Iraqi soldiers from Kuwait, which Iraq had recently invaded. He mentions the term "New World Order" in this speech for the first time, which is also named "Towards a New World Order".(full text of the speech)

On 9/11
1609 the Henry Hudson HH discovers Manhattan Island and the natives living there.

Now on the 9/11 the http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2001_in_music

First thing that strikes the eye in the list is number of metal bands, metal is alchemy.. highly resonating force...and thrash metal - planes -tower- steel.
The above band Warrant was of soft glam type of metal.. but more harder faster styles ranges from power, speed, trash, black, folk, death metal. When we speak of TM the big four bands are Metallica, Slayer, Antharx, Megadeth... i think i mentioned them all in some of past posts.
The most brutal and maybe most legendary of all metalheads are the Slayer they released their album God_Hates_Us_All on the very same day of 9.11. 2001
Here are some song titles
"Darkness of Christ"
"God Send Death"
"New Faith"
"Cast Down"
"Seven Faces"
"War Zone"
"Here Comes the Pain"

Slayer are saying that is all the coincidence....but who's to believe...

God Hates Us All coverDue to the original album art being deemed "too graphic," an alternative slip insert was created.

The original album cover depicts a Bible spiked with nails, covered in blood and "Slayer" burnt across it, Due to the original album art being deemed "too graphic," an alternative slip insert was created.

Album firstly was planed to be released in August 28. but was postponed
God Hates Us All was originally intended to be named Soundtrack to the Apocalypse.

And now synchromysticly on that date was released another album by other band, with name pointing to doomsday..

Studio album by Powerman 5000 Released August 28 2001

Anyone for Doomsday? cover
Some of the songs that pointing to explosions of 9 11
  1. "Machines For the Living" – 0:37
  2. "Danger Is Go!" – 3:05
  3. "Bombshell"
Powerman 5000 has number 5 v ... that way he is also connected to 9/11...V=5 High Five, look up on the my past posts...about SAW.

Second and even more bizarre "coincidence" a black-death metal band Akercocke which released on
September 11, 2001 this album
they are probably ritually invoking the goat, Baphomet - Pan... as same as GW.Bush on that terrible day reading the book... My Pet Goat to the schoolkids.

te song titles:
  1. "Of Menstrual Blood and Semen" – 6:25
  2. "A Skin for Dancing In" – 7:17
  3. "Betwixt Iniquitatis and Prostigiators" – 2:12
  4. "Horns of Baphomet" – 7:06
  5. "Masks of God" – 4:51
  6. "The Serpent" – 3:47
  7. "Fortune my Foe" – 1:16
  8. "Infernal Rites" – 4:29
  9. "He is Risen" – 4:47
  10. "Breaking Silence" – 4:15
  11. "Initiation" – 1:11
  12. "Ceremony of Nine Angles" – 8:53

And resonating album cover \\

The Goat of Mendes cover

Name of the band is a capuchin monkey from Robert Nyes version of the Faust mythos.

Here is some deeper meaning of word Aker

Symbols: akhet

Aker was an ancient earth-god in Egypt. He was believed to guard the gates of the dawn from which the sun rose each morning. He was portrayed as a double-headed lion, or a two lions sitting back-to-back. In between them is shown the sun with the sky overhead. In this way they form the akhet symbol, which was a symbol of the horizon. Occasionally they were portrayed bearing the akhet on their backs (as in the image to the right).

The two lions were called Sef and Duau, which means "Yesterday" and "Today" respectively.


Next metal-hardcore band was the Biohazard, they are from Brooklyn.. and in this video we can see the WTC towers behind them ?
(i don't know did they filmed video before the release, maybe before you go for the heads of many of this bands.. you should doublecheck these dates of release...Slayers is only confirmed, i used as source wikipedia... which could be easy altered)

Among non metal bands of 9/11, I have the time to look this synchromystical album cover of They might be Giants ... their first album song is Bangs, although it's talking about a hair part, it sounds like 2x

Mink Car cover

And as probably many remember TMBG had long ago that song Istanbul (not Constantinople ) where is mentioned New York - New Amsterdam and in the video at 1:00 you can see airplane flying toward the building.

update:( thanks to the really inspiring reply from Hidden Dakni!)

Twin Peaks's score conductor Angelo Badalamenti later helped write a song Black Lodge on the 1993 Sound of White Noise album by Anthrax.

Agent Dale Cooper, the leading actor he was known in the Twin Peaks series for the love for a good cherry pie!

In the comments of Warrant - Cherry Pie
youtube video i find this:

"They originally wanted Christina Applegate for this vid, apparently she inspired the song."

She's last name is Apple Gate - (Christ- and gold apple - Appolo - Leo gate?)
New York --9/11

Instead the girl in the video was the Bobbie (Jean) Brown born in 10.7.1969.
.. and she later married to
Jani Lane (born John Kennedy Oswald ) singer of Warrant he is from Ohio.

here is she in the Married...With Children

And Anthrax once were also guest appearing in Married with Children.
as well in Cheers.

(this show is showing currently on the local Fox tv, it must be a part of Mind Control set)

Anthrax have default background skin on their site State of Euphoria album with that red-yellow spirals gate ..

They had album the Attack of the Killer B's ... bees =Octagonal gate.
Could this poster point out to the terrorist. And point to Bobbie Brown as attack of the b's ?!?! (the 2 x boobs) and one the larger black sex magick ritual.

or Betty Boop which i heard today mentioned in Married.. with Children
http://www.softpicks.net/screenshots/Free-Betty-Boop-Screensaver.jpgBetty Boop from the opening title sequence of the earliest entries in the Betty Boop Cartoons

Cheers :)


Jenn said...

Wow, this is an excellent post...probably my favorite that you have written so far (but they are all pretty good I think)! Something I want to share with you--remember a while ago when I sent you a link to Anthrax photos from the concert I went to? They came on stage and played 8 songs before Rob Zombie's set. He is the older brother of "Spider One" from Powerman 5000! Also, the "anthrax attacks" in the US mail started like a week after 9/11/01, and I even remember Scott Ian on TV talking about it. You've got great eyes, great post!

D7 said...

Thank you for the great and inspiring reply...I updated the post...
Anathrax had a lot of problems about requests to change their name after 2001 anthrax attacks...

cheers :)