September 5, 2008

Beer and Rainbow

I noticed this news weeks ago on the sync forum about the Rainbow ride...
A theme park ride collapsed Tuesday in western Sweden, injuring 30 people, officials said.
Several people were thrown out of the swinging Rainbow ride at the Linsberg theme park in Goteborg and squeezed as the seating platform tipped to one side, city police spokes woman Malin Sahlstrom said.

When I read this news and saw the picture of it - I remembered just couple of days before i was at that Beer festival in Belgrade.. and near by was theme park with one ride exactly the same Rainbow...I remember thinking to go for the ride...but i didnt luckaly...who knows what would happen if i did, and taking in the count that this Beer Festival was one big ritualistic event.

At that time of 5 day festival there was also lasting an annual 26-th Rainbow Gathering in some woods in wilderness of Serbia...

Also rainboweedly Bob Marley had a statue revealed in his honor in one other Rock Village music festival at the end weekend of Olympic games 2008.

Back to the beer, in this open air festival which in the 5 days was attended by 600 000 people, in there was set the music stage with different bands performing... There is in Serbia one very popular rock band named Van Gogh , they did their gig at the last day of Aug 24 that also was the closing day of Beijing Olympics that started of with 08'08 '08 symbolysm.
A lead singer apearing on stage with devil's well the other members...they were probably invoking or resonating Pan.

Also i noticed directly above the stage that night you could see the less half of the moon on the sky, a symbol of Muslims, regarding that there were the stages with different beer manufacturers .Tuborg had green neon half moon sign .
and on the other right side of crowd Hainiken with star symbol
in the back there was giant Lion/Leo logo of the Lav beer. It was the Lions stargate..
In the front of people, and behind the stage was a monument of peace Obelisk symbolyzed with the torch... the beer festival were held by that torch monument named Eternal Fire (flame), on the day of olympic closing, next to the monument there were three tents for the staff that resembled pyramids of Giza.

Also near by was the big building that was hit by NATO airplane called "CK" missles in the unjustified bombing attack of 1999 (but it didn't collapsed.) The Eternal Fire obelisk was made in 2000 by idea from the wife of Slobodan Milosevic... Mira Markovic (MM) and monument was opened by Serbian president at the time Milan Milutinovic.. (another MM)... also there was the present day politician which is also today back in influential position Milutin Mrkonjić (today in Serbia biggest influential rich guy is M.Miskovic, the MM's are still in the power) MMs resonate the Millenium ritual ..2k-11:11 - Mayan 2012 end date.
Mira.M. she was referenced with title of evil witch by most of Serbian people at the time of their deranged rule, Obelisk she dedicated to brave resistance of people over 78 days of Nato aggresion, the words writen on it are... "Everything that has no fire in themselves.. burns, and what is burnt becomes the night, what isn't burned gives birth to the day"
"Eternal" flame wich was on the top of obelisk burnt there for 4 months before gas line was stoped after 5. October, when to power came new political regime.
today the monument is place of gathering of free pot loving youth... who once renamed the engraved letters on it into Eternal Grass , (grass- slang for weed,marijuana -Vecna Vatra into Vecna Vutra)

Obelisk originaly was planed to be tall 78 meters for the 78 days of bombing campagne, but they drop that idea, so now it seems to me there are the 7 different parts and 8 is maybe symbolizing the 8 chakra of the olympics and opening stargate ritual, also Tarot card deck has 78 cards.

This babieis born on 8.8 2008 link to the number 8 and olympics , and are Milenium resonators.. or are they of the Babalon Working.

"Mackayla Marie McReynolds was born on 8/8/08 at 8:08 am weighing in at 8 lbs 8 ozs. Her name means "Fiery Mother Goddess." I thought this was a good flag. I also took note of the McReynolds family crest which sports the lion."

And there also another two... 8/8/08 at 8:08; 8 lbs., 8 oz.

There were in this period unusually moch babies in the news..

Mother found guilty in microwaved-baby case
China Arnold

6-year-old girl finds abandoned baby

Two-headed Bangladesh baby dies

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