September 3, 2008

26, soccer/football CL finals

I was watching that Champions league final game beetween Man Utd and Chelsea, on TV and here what synchromisticaly striked my eyes.
First, this picture of Champions league logo..there is a lot of hexagrams and pentagrams there, and also in their main sponsors Heineken logo ..

Image Image

Both of these logos were behind a goal where was the shootout, a penalty kicker and mililons of people watching were connecting to this stargate.



Here is the synch about penalty kicks: The Chelsea player who slipped and missed crucial penalty kick had the number 26 ..That same number 26 worn by Manchester Utd defender Nemanja Vidic while he was playing for Red Star Belgrade and for Spartak Moscow.. in Man.utd has 15.. 1+5=6 so number 6 on his back was in all 3 clubs where he has played. The name Vidic is derived from the Serbian and Slavic mythology a deity of Svetovid.
Sventevith, Svetovid, Suvid, Svantevit, Svantovit, SwantovĂ­t, Sventovit, Zvantevith, S'wie;towit, S'wiatowid, Sutvid, Vid. and, incorrectly, S'wiatowit, is the Slavic deity of war, fertility and abundance.
Sometimes referred to as Beli (or Byali) Vid, Beli = white, bright, shining....
Svetovid is associated with war and divination and depicted as a four-headed god with two heads looking forward and two back. A statue portraying the god shows him with four heads, each one looking in a separate direction, a symbolical representation of the four directions of the compass, and also perhaps the four seasons of the year.
Boris Rybakov argued for identification of the faces with the gods Perun, Svarog, Lada and Mokosh (c.f. Zbruch idol). Joined together, they see all four sides of the world. This gave rise to a false etymology of the name of the god as "world-seer" (svet = "world", vid = "sight"; Svetovid = "worldseer"). However, the forms Sventevith and Zvantewith show that the name derives from the word sve;t?, meaning "saint, holy". The second stem is sometimes reconstructed as vit = "lord, ruler, winner".

His first name is from ..Stefan Nemanja, the medieval Serb nobleman and oldest Serbian Orthodox Christain Saint (Symeon), whose feast is in Serbian church also in 26 feb.


So my opinion at this time is that Chelsea player John Terry 26, when shooting a ball in direction of Heineken red star it invoked Red Star Belgrade Vidic number 26 thus making Vidic as rasonator who is connected to force of Svetovid which eventualy made Terry slipp and miss, as he was under influence of Vidic will control.
Also, game was played in the Spartak Moscow stadium where Man utd fans had made word writen across stands with banners saying...Believe ...
They have invoking the Beli Vid.. (Svetovid) - Vidic 26


3 days later on night of may 24. in Belgrade was held The Eurovision Song Contest 2008, a winning song was of the Russian singer titled Believe...which was pronounced a winner after 24h on 25.may.(with some fireworks blowing up the sky).... Dima Bilan, a singer of this song worn white colors and he had on stage some blackwhite dancers around him

One more strange synch while i am writing this he is touring the Europe and now is in Sweden.. the land of Reybeam :) ... 08?id=1123 Could he be the antichrist ?!

Also 25.may FC Red Star were playing the last deciding game for the 26-th Serbian Championship title, the away game was in town named Kula.. in serbian meaning the tower (of babylon). We needed a win (we =the Red star,my favorite and best team in the world ) , and this archenemy of ours shitfuck black white striped team needed to lose their away game, that's was only way we could be Champions. Our game ended 1:1 (9/11synch) and this black white club already was winning 0-1. We didnt win 26 title on that day, reason is as everyone knows here that this black white club are involved in match fixing, the president of Serbian football association is also president of their club..?! he often delegated his friendly referees which robbed us of victory in some important games in the season. And strange thing is our government are allowing this to happen and all major media is keepeng quiet about it, even Red Star is not complaining. So we have a government cover up which leads us to conclusion that they just needed black-white team to win on may 25 may in this global masonic ritual ...(these secret rulers are also deliberately stopping us to rule the Europe again like back in '91 when we won that Euro Champions trophy on this very day of 29.may, seems like we just dont fit in their plans anymore. But we will be the champions, the new management in the club is mostly controlled by company mystically named Delta.. so i hope there will be more success in Europe in the future.)

25. may was the day in our country history, from 1945 under communist occupation the president was evil mason named Tito ..I am linking him to egyptian Toth, may be his incarnation... but Thot is to good for him... Till 1980 on the day of his birth 25.may in his honor every year in his army stadium of that same blackwhite soccer club which he has co-founded with Croats, were held a mass ritual ceremonies like an opening of olympic games... it it was included a torch being delivered to him, the torch which was carried across ex Yugoslavia.

This maybe related to GoroAdachi Super Torch Ritual and this article :

May 08: To follow the fire is to follow the Moon... The torch is in the Moon, or 'In Diana'... i.e. 'Indiana'. (The name 'Helen', for instance, can mean both 'torch' and 'moon'.)

* May 6: Indiana (and N. Carolina) primary - Obama became presumptive Democratic nominee
* May 19/20: Full Moon <= get ready for this... big day for Obama (his 'V-Day'), something of a Dark Father/Pope exit/birth type event, 'fire in the sky', etc. * May 22: 'Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull' opens * May 25: Indianapolis 500 (IndyCar race) in Indiana (watch Danica shine!) * May 25: NASA Phoenix lands on Mars the 'fire planet'; it was launched last year on August 4 or Obama's birthday; he will now go against John McCain from Phoenix, Ariz. (Remember the 4/21 'Phoenix Lights'? April 20 was full moon... and the day Danica, a Venus/Morning Star, made history in Japan.) ...leading to the June 7-8 Super Orange Alignment/Venus Transit 'halftime'.
That number 26 is 2+6 = 8 and this through sport connection points to number 8 of olympic games in Beijing wich begin on 8.8 2008
Also 26 in Gemetria represents the God.

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