September 3, 2008

77 Manson Pigs

The pigs are in the media and synching to lot of things, and again i could not help it but to connect them to Charles Manson and Sharon Tates murders with writings on the wall Death to pigs


and Beatles (George Harrison) song Piggies ... seen here through the South park sync..

also, 'cimi ' symbolizes death in the Mayan Calendar.. as well as A Scanner Darkly... ... Slow Death +7
that resonates to Fourth Horseman of the apocalypse... Death
i wrote earlier about that in Rainbow,7, Orange thread
it also connects to Manson had used "Orange sunshine" acid and tripped that infamous Helter Skelter theory from song by Beatles from “The White Album” . Beatles to him represented the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse!

And red spiraling Amanita muscaria gate in Vlodrop (out)

Maharishi Mahis Yogi died on Feb. 5. 2008... 2 + 5 = 7 In a town Vlodrop, this town has The world famous roller coaster manufacturer Vekoma - based in Vlodrop, synching with Helter Skelter roller coaster which is really spiral slider in England.


Voldrop Vakoma ---> Viktor Vasnetsov the painter of 4 H. Apocalypse picture... :!:


Chinese calendar the year of the Fire Pig is from feb 2007 to 6.feb 2008 and MM Yogi died at the end of a Pig year.
Zodiac Location 12th
Ruling hours 9pm-11pm

Cops=pigs Chief Wiggum Simpsons pig cop...
and Homer resonating a spider pig.

Anthrax and black death... and connected it to those Red spirals , through this album cover of Anthrax (thrash metal band) which was one among the first metal albums that i have ever bought..
Be all end all, from the album State_of_Euphoria
..listen to it with your speakers turned up ;-)

Some things of interests about Anthrax (band) might be..
In 1992, Anthrax parted ways with vocalist Joey Belladonna and replaced him with ex-Armored Saint vocalist John Bush.

Also then I remembered the Death Metal band from the Florida which started that music genre, their named of course.. "Death" ..

There is also the death metal band - Pestilence from Netherlands.. fits in orange/death theme... Apocalypse.

SAW movies are triggering in the mind, a death by metal and SAW 5 and Chucky 6 (voodu/knife), will be both realesed around Halloween 2008.....

October 29. was the release of the first SAW movie... could that date synch with something more realistically bloodbath.


It looks like Serbia and Sweden are connected in some way... in that same K2 expediton a Serbian mountaineer unfortunately died there, his name was Dren Mandic ... v_id=52392

And that day same as in Sweden in serbia there was a marijuana in the news, it's about police aressted a man for growing a cannabis in his two houses ... they found 39 pots of a skunk dutch type of grass. His mother was trying to save her son ...she was threatening to burn the house with all the evidence :fight:

This was in city that begins with K. - Krusevac.. although i don't see any other K in the news,
(for which i don't have an english version link....)

And i noticed some more synchs in this K2 story

The serbian climbers first name Dren, in serbian means.. which is a species of dogwood .. it's initials CM and the dogwood relates to Canis Major (constelllation of greater dog) and ,of course, to the dog star Sirius. Now, i believe Canis Major is resonating Charly Manson and so the climbers last name was Mandic... well, it obviously points to Manson, and C.Major / Sirius/ Isis...
..also, the CAnNabIS may be Canis Majoris resonator...

I don't know is this relevant in some way, and exactly how the sun eclipse and super torch ritual fit in all this, but also another point is dead climbers mountaineering club name - Spartacus... - the movie with that name from 1960 has a torch on it's poster.

This guy Charles Manson... is connecting to lots of things for me, in my mind he is like Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.. 8-)
... that theory has been confirmed by a Microsoft study...


This is the blog that i stumbled upon recently, it has an interesting rainbow theory.. ... side-down/

Initials of the blogger are K.K. and she is half swedish..


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