January 2, 2009

New York Minute Twinning

This syncyful post is about movie "New York Minute" from 2004 with Olsen twins /Twin towers ..its filmed after 9/11 still it is significant to this post.. you can see the main poster title is BWR..colored.

Mary Kate Olsen was the one mentioned regarding the the death of Heath Ledger.
Notice the 3/11 screws behind pink twin Ashley! that year was also the 3/11 bombing in Spain And actually that door behind them could be of a train... they were traveling to NY via train these train scenes you can see in this vid , they come right after purple beetle..and OZ Ozzy Osbourne son..


You can see in the video above when one of Olsen Twins Ashley (named Jane in movie wearing pink) is in the train and BLOWING the balloon thing... and then notice the clock which says 8:30 in the morning -- about that time in the morning were Blown up trains in Madrid ?! Later the other twin Mary Kate with Metallica shirt was opening bag of chips that blow up.. and raised havoc in the train.
-"Damage. Inc" the name of the shirt -- pointing to Skull and Bones soc.
updated sentance : Metallica has 9 letters and their logo letters M -A makes 11
damage skull are symbolic of colapsed pillarmyds.

Damage.Inc is the song from album Master of Puppets relased in 3.3 1986 masonic/CC/KK date.

Release date of the movie was May 1, 2004 (LA Premiere) . Movie lasts for the 91 min!

Eugen Levy is a Jewish actor who was in the movie trying to arrest and catch those twins, could this point on to Zionist conspiracy to bring down the towers and Madrid bombings, or is this to obvious.

On this other disc cover twins are in collapsing down pose...

Here is picture of them in front of clock pointing to 9 and 11


They had driven in VW beetle so the syncnificance of this was the Gemini twins traveling in some kind of NY stargate here.

I am sure that in the movie is much more syncs which, dont have any screen shots for now...i was watching film this morning on the TV.


I love NY shirt is BWR and teh doG had a major role in the movie.

In thieir site you could see pyramid logo behind one in Metallica shirt and red cap..

They also were "Twinning" London (sync to bombings) which was filmed in...2001 ?!


These street signs look like the 77 also the Olsens are signifying 77 position with their bodies. (7.7. 2005 London Bombings.. and 77 A.Crowley/OZ..,)
also they are standing on one leg.. like flamingo bird.. discussed in Anna Faris post, but then... maybe this is 11.

MaryKate Ashley Olsen twins London film movie
Masonic checkerboard... of course.

picture of them in Butterfly programming, mind controlled slaves..

NY city in this post brings me to NYear eve 2009 there were as usual Ball droping celebrations... In this NBC video we can see two woman tv reporters - one wearing BW checkerboard coat, other one Red.
Also at the ball drop camera shows a sailor kissing girl and behind them devil horn salute rising... Evil Bill (Clinton) was pushing the button.. maybe that is pointing to some wars to come. We also see Virgin (sacrifice) commercial.. pepsi, toshiba, are all in some ritualistic stargate theory probably...Nivea were the sponsors... they have delta/pyramidal logo fonts.

Nivea is a large global skin- and body-care brand, owned by the German company Beiersdorf. The company began in 1911 when Beiersdorf developed a water-in-oil emulsifier as a skin cream with Eucerit, the first stable emulsion of its kind. The company's owner, Oskar Troplowitz, named it Nivea, from the Latin word niveus/nivea/niveum (meaning snow-white).

At the end of post i wish happy new year and christmas to all good people.

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aferrismoon said...

Great find
The London sign has ABBEY ROAD , which has the zebra-crossing with the Beatles on it, from thier album 'Abbey road'
Oxford = Ox [ Vul] and Ford [Brod]. in Czech maybe it's Vulovy Brod
nice perceptions on the syncs to the bombings


D7 said...

Nice sync for the sign writtings...
Btw. did you recive email i sent to ?... anyway, see you around.

Anonymous said...

more twins on their way, Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O'Connell, sheesh if that isn't enough doubles already, look at the middle names they gave their daughters, Rebecca Rose and Tamara Tulip


skrambo said...

I would never sit through that movie so good job I guess. Before I even knew what synchronicities were I was seeing them in things that I despised, including the trailer for this movie. Invoking twins in NY(OZ) was enough for me at the time.

Metallica has a song called "Creeping Death" which is about ancient Egypt. They also have a song called Don't Tread On Me, like the flag connecting to the Pi encoded Crop Circle from Jake Kotze's post Scarlet Dragon 2: Alyson Hannigan Boogaloo.

aferrismoon said...

Cheers , got email. Will reply , but don't have internet at home.

I've lived in Prague for 8 years but carry British pas, so my Czech is terrible really.

Now Czech holds presidency of EU, time for some laughs.


Unknown said...

Good writeup, there's more synchs than I would have expected. Release date of May 1st (Beltane) is also the birthdate of the Illuminati I believe. It's hard to tell how much is deliberate and how much is just through the interconnetedness of the holographic universe.