January 9, 2009

77 World's Devil Wonders

D7 is always fallowing sevens in the news..

After reading Secret Sun blog about China Ice wonders..and his advice of reading Yahoo news...

And reading one comment there pointing to Grand Canyon, Loch Ness compete as nature wonders
i get one weird synchromistical epiphany that connected me to New 7 World's Wonders of Nature -777777777


GENEVA – The Grand Canyon, Mount Everest and Loch Ness will vie with more than 200 other spectacular places in the next phase of the global competition for the New 7 Wonders of Nature, organizers said Wednesday. The 261 nominees from 222 countries include some of the most famous mountain peaks, lakes, and other attractions, such as the Great Barrier Reef and Niagara Falls.

Over a billion people are expected to join in Internet voting that will nominate 77 semifinalists for the top natural wonders, which will share in the glory already enjoyed by the seven man-made wonders chosen 18 months ago.

"We are calling on people all over the world to actively show their appreciation for our ... natural world by joining together to celebrate the most extraordinary sites on our planet," said Tia Viering, spokeswoman of the New 7 Wonders campaign.

The Swiss-based nonprofit foundation collected 441 nominations over the Internet since it opened the selection process in 2007.

The foundation then chose the top vote-getter from each country, making a list of 222 sites. The overall list rose to 261 with the inclusion of sites shared by two or more countries — such as Niagara Falls and Lake Superior between Canada and the United States, and the Matterhorn, between Switzerland and Italy.

Votes can be cast until July 7. Registration on the Web site aims to prevent people from voting twice.


So first I notice there lot of sevens / 77 OZ A.Crowley /Sirius/StarGate ritual theme..

And second thing that hits me is that of my country Serbia nominated participiant location translated as Devil's Town (btw.which is holding very good chances in the votes)

As you can see on this pictures below this rocks look like obelisk pillarmid, that China Ice picture obelisk reminded me of it...


I read that elsewhere maybe some similar mountain rock formations called Hoodoo (or tent rock, fairy chimney, earth pyramid)

Devil's town - world natural wonder

Devil's town -(Djavolja varos) is one of the most attractive natural phenomena in the world. It is a place of strange forms with a strange name, a complex of stone-capped, spindle-shaped pillars in science referred to as soil pyramids. It consists of 220 soil figures created by soil erosion. The site got its name Devil's Town for its strange appearance, being a very rare form of erosion. It is also special for a great number of steady figures. The process of erosion has been going on at this site for centuries, therefore making some figures disappear and forming new ones...

The peculiarity which makes it different from other similar phenomenons in the world is the so called Djavolja voda (Devil's water), extremely acid water between the pillars, universally unique for its chemical composition, extereme acidity and high mineral content. Metal presence in the water is from five to incredible 16 percent.

There are many legends and folk tales about its origins, most of which say that the pillars represent people at a wedding petrified by God's will.

From another source one clearer story of this legend:
Many eerie folk legends are woven around this area...according to one of the legends, the figures represents petrified wedding guests who, at devils' urging, tried to marry a brother and sister, so the God petrified them to prevent that.

Vote for Devil's town as one of the new natural wonders of the world!



The Secret Sun said...

Very interesting story- do you have the coordinates for Devil's Town?

D7 said...

This is coordinates i found:

N 42°59'33" E 21°24'26"

That place is at mountain "Radan" which is well known for some UFO sightings in the past. Maybe i should do research on that too, i had never fallowed alian stories very much before.

here some more cool pics


Anonymous said...

we must travel to Devil's Town and add two more dirt obelisks